Classical Duos For Hire in Bedfordshire

If your located in Bedfordshire and are looking to hire a classical duo to take your event to its highest potential then we have a range of professionals who would be perfect for you. All of our classical duos have countless experience in the music industry which proves invaluable when hosting any kind of event no matter how large the audience may be.

Book A Leading Classical Duo For Your Event

With a history of classical music as rich and influential as Bedfordshire’s is, it is no surprise that it is home to some of the top musicians in the country.

These classical duos in Bedfordshire have one thing in common; they want to bring a touch of class to your event. Equally talented as they are professional, these sophisticated musicians have decades of experience performing on stages all over the world.

Do you need an act with the confidence and charisma to fill a room with music? Then we have the perfect duo to command the stage and captivate your audience. Alternatively, do you want an artist who can supply a light melody to compliment your champagne reception? Then we have the perfect act to add a soundtrack to your special event.

About Bedfordshire’s Classical Music Scene

One of the most notable figures of classical music is John Dunstaple, originally from Bedfordshire. Living from 1390 to 1453, he is widely considered one of the most influential contributors to the genre, as his name was credited in symphony halls across Europe.

Though nothing is known of his musical training, due to unreliable records, there is no doubt that he was an educated man. It is speculated that he was a part of the royal service of John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford and a descendant of Henry IV. Differing from other musicians at the time, it is assumed that John wasn’t a cleric, due to records of him marrying a woman. During that era classical music was heavily linked to religion, so John’s stance was an unusual one.

John is highly regarded as one of the most influential composers on the continent’s musical style, his new style and was even given its own term - la contenance angloise (the English countenance). In reference to his stylistic use of full triadic harmony and interval of the third, John created elegant harmonies using thirds and sixths, reminiscent of Renaissance music.

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