Classical Duos For Hire in Birmingham

If your looking to hire a classical duo for your next event then we are here to help! we have a wide range of talented and professional duos who will make a perfect addition to a selection of events. With their perfect vocals which will have you singing for hours on end and their interactive nature there is simply no better alternative than a classical duo.

Leading Classical Duos For Your Event In Birmingham

Situated in the Midlands, Birmingham regularly hosts concerts for international classical musicians from all over the world. With its iconic City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, the town has a diverse history of music spanning back to the Middle Ages.

Our classical duos in Birmingham are a cut above the rest. Perfect for any occasion, from weddings to private functions, they have the class and composure to add a touch of elegance to your event. Whether you are looking for a standout performance or the perfect background melody to set the scene, we have the act for you. Talented, professional and eager to perform at your next event, these classical duos are of the highest quality to hire.

About Birmingham’s Classical Music Scene

Since Medieval times, Birmingham has been a hub for classical music. From what little records are available, evidence suggests that Birmingham was home to religious music throughout the late Middle Ages. Established in 1330 and 1347, Chantries were a place for priests to hold mass at the church of St Martin in the Bull Ring and the Guild of the Holy Cross, singing divine hymns for the town to hear. By 1503 the town had an organ builder, despite the niche and unusual field of work.

With Birmingham’s economy skyrocketing after the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, the town grew in size and wealth in response to the scientific and cultural activity recognised as the Midlands Enlightenment. St Phillips’ first organist was a skilful man by the name of Barnabus Gunn, who is credited as the organiser behind the towns first concerts, taking place at Holte Bridgman's Apollo Gardens, Sawyer's Assembly Rooms and the Moor Street Theatre. Music lessons started to become available around town, as classical music gained an immense amount of respect.

By 1762, the Birmingham Musical and Amicable Society was formalised, along with other private clubs and societies dedicated to music. Birmingham had firmly positioned itself as the centre of classical music in the Midlands.

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