Classical Duos For Hire in Glasgow

What better way to kick start your event than to have one of the finest classical duos in the world perform live at your event? With the heart warming feeling these duos would bring to your event we truly believe there isn't any better alternatives when looking for a soothing classical performance.

Book A Leading Classical Duo For Your Event

Our classical duos have been contributing to the industry for decades, making them the best hand picked duos in the trade. With experience playing alongside major celebrities to performing live on stage in front of thousands, our classical duos are capable of performing at events of any type or size you can imagine.

With their soaring vocal and expert musical control, your guests will be in awe of the sophistication and talent these musicians possess. We have a wide array of classical duos for hire in Glasgow, who are eager to bring the glitz and glamour to your event.

About Glasgow’s Classical Music Scene

Renowned as the City of Music, Glasgow’s concert scene spans across some of the best classical, Celtic, country and contemporary music in the country. Hosting more than 100 music events each week, outperforming any other Scottish city, Glasgow’s contribution to classical music can be traced back to the 1800s.

The vibrant city often celebrates its achievements in music, by hosting countless festivals and shows a year for eager fans of classical music. Multicultural, bold and constantly serenaded by bagpipes, a stroll down any street in Glasgow will always be accompanied by music. Boasting an array of prestigious concert halls, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall alone hosts over 250 shows a year. The tune of bagpipes are a constant reminder of how culturally rich Glasgow truly is, with hundreds of events every year celebrating the unique instrument.

Since its introduction in the 1800s, Scotland has been a home for classical music. Established by Scottish Airs, the style of music quickly gained popularity through the patronage of figures like Sir John Clerk of Penicuik.

If you would like to book a classical duo to perform at your event in Glasgow, contact Champions Music and Entertainment by filling in our online contact form or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 07 878 76.