Classical Duos For Hire in Scotland

Hiring a classical duo in Scotland has never been so simple. We have a huge array of talented classical duos on our books who would compliment any kind of event imaginable. With countless years of experience performing live and even with celebrities on stage our duos are certain to have you feeling refreshed with a new vision on how an event should be held.

Book A Leading Classical Duo In Scotland

Scotland’s history is heavily intertwined with classical music, with schools and concert halls being built to facilitate the genre’s growth. In the major cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, the streets are alive with operatic vocals and melodic string instruments, adding a soundtrack to the diverse, colourful, historic location. Book a classical duo in Ayrshire, all the way to Aberdeen, by contacting one of our booking agents today.

Our classical duos in Scotland have the professional experience and musical talent to bring a touch of class to any event. From traditional weddings to sophisticated corporate events, they are guaranteed to fill your guests with a sense of elegance and class. These acts stand out from the rest due to their dedication to music and utmost professionalism. Having spent decades in the industry, performing on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, we have handpicked some of the best classical duos for you to book.

About London’s Classical Music Scene

Since its introduction in the eighteenth century, classical music has played an integral part in the Scottish music scene. Formally described as ‘art music’, concerts composed of Scottish Airs were a vessel for the introduction of classical instruments in the country. Prior to this, the Italian cellist and composer Lorenzo Bocchi was credited as the man responsible for introducing Italy’s style of classical music, when he ventured over in the 1720s. Within the same decade, The Musical Society of Edinburgh was introduced.

Straying from the Italian style of classical playing, Scottish composers James Oswald and William McGibbon founded the Scotts drawing room, making classical music more accessible for the middle class. By the late 19th-century, Scotland had established its first National School of Orchestral and Operatic Music, placing the art of classical music amongst Scottish education and producing composers like William Wallace.

After WW1, influenced by modernism and Scottish musical cadences, the landscape of Scottish classical music started to change. In 1947, the Edinburgh Festival was created, which led to a further expansion of the genre in Scotland and inspired the foundation of Scottish Opera in 1960. Scottish composers like Ronald Stevenson and Francis Scott have earned critical acclaim for their classical contribution to film soundtracks, further positioning classical music amongst the mainstream genre.

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