Hiring A Speaker With Champions Speakers

You have organised the catering, the entertainment and your guests are excitedly anticipating the upcoming event – what’s left? A thought-provoking speaker. The perfect addition to a wide range of events, public speakers supply a unique perspective on your event’s theme. From sporting stars to inspiring figures, the wealth of options available suit every target audience, ensuring the success of your event.

Our parent company, Champions Speakers, supplies top speakers for events of all shapes and sizes. Founded in 2003, the company paved the way for Music and Entertainment and our other subsidiaries, including The Motivational Speakers Agency and several specialising in sports speakers. Champions Speakers has grown to house over 100 employees, who have booked the likes of Ken Segall and Inga Beale for industry events.

Why should I book a speaker?

Public speakers can inject a new perspective, and a more open mindset in audiences. When booked for corporate events, they can inspire a passion for high-performance, which ultimately leads to sustainable profits. From managing conflicts to promoting inclusion, business managers greatly benefit from public speakers, as they increase employee engagement and performance. If you have noticed your company losing focus, these speakers can align them under your business’ core goal.


Booked for functions of all types, including school assemblies and awards presentations, a speaker is the special guest that your event needs. Having faced great hardship throughout their careers, motivational speakers connect with audiences on a personal level, inspiring them to overcome hurdles in their own lives. These speakers have the power to motivate tangible, long term change, leaving a lasting positive impression on audiences. When you book an inspiring public speaker, you are directing your audience on the path of personal growth.


From astronauts to adventurers, CEOs to sporting stars, the broad range of speakers available also provides an array of unique perspectives to learn from. The purpose of many speakers is to enlighten, to open audiences’ eyes to the life of an athlete, politician, businessperson and more. This trait makes public speakers truly transformative. Those in attendance come away with a better understanding of their own potential, and the steps needed to achieve their goals.


Champions’ after dinner speakers are some of the most entertaining on the circuit. Booked to amuse audiences, their hilarious anecdotes and likeable personalities resonate with guests, ensuring that your event is truly unforgettable. These speakers will keep audiences in stitches one second and on the edge of their seats the next, supplying a unique form of entertainment at events. Few can deny the power of a public speaker, as their comedic speeches are infused with strategies for personal and professional development.

Different Types of Speakers:

Keynote Speaker – These headline speakers are booked to compliment the underlying theme of an event. Including business leaders and adventurers, they provide an expert insight at conferences, setting the tone of the occasion.

After Dinner Speaker – After dinner speakers, true to their name, appear following an event’s meal. They are commonly famous or interesting figures, and attract large crowds with their intriguing life stories. Leaving audiences with a warm heart and open mind, after dinner speakers are highly sought after on the booking circuit.

Motivational Speaker – Booked to motivate and inspire, these speakers have commonly overcome great hardship to be where they are now. From life-changing injuries to personal hurdles, their stories send a clear message to audiences; with determination, you can do anything.

Sports Speaker – Sports speakers have quickly become one of the most popular in the industry. Hailing from the Olympics, football World Cup and rugby Six Nations, the wide range of athletes available caters to every style of event. Sporting stars share a similar mindset, one of perseverance and grit, that they instill in audiences.

Guest Speaker – These speakers are commonly booked to compliment the core focus of an event, for example, the keynote speaker. Creating a comprehensive experience for audiences, they add value to any event, supporting the main theme and entertaining those in attendance.

And More… There are hundreds of different speakers available to book, from agricultural economists all the way to former Prime Ministers. Each type of speaker plays a different role at events, but their core intention remains the same – to leave guests with a better mindset than the one they arrived with. Speakers are booked to inspire change, turning struggling workplaces into high-performance teams.

How Do I Book A Speaker?

With Champions Speakers, booking a speaker could not be easier. Our team of talented booking agents, whose industry connections span across the globe, have booked speakers for elite conferences and corporate galas. Your event is in the hands of an experienced speaker’s agency, with Champions.

The first step of booking a speaker is to contact our team either by phone, email or online contact form. From there, we will discuss your event’s budget and brief, to comprehensively understand the needs of your occasion. A dedicated booking agent will then source a selection of speakers for you to choose from. We understand that sourcing and booking a speaker can be incredibly time-consuming, so rather than taking valuable time away from organising your event, let Champions Speakers manage invoices, contracts and international travel arrangements.

Who Are Champions Speakers?

Founded in 2003 by father/son duo, Matthew and John Hayes, Champions Speakers has grown to become one of the leading speakers’ bureaus in the East Midlands. Recipient of the 2003 Business of the Year, the 2012 Sunday Times' FastTrack100 (57th) and 2014 Santander Breakthrough50 Award, Champions is widely respected for our complete service and family values.

Since opening three more offices, in 2009, 2015 and 2019, Champions Speakers have accommodated for an unprecedented growth in staff numbers. To keep up with the rise in international interest, we have also opened offices in London and Dubai, a testament to Champions global prominence.

Champions Speakers built a platform of growth for Music and Entertainment, which went live in 2016. To keep up with client’s needs, we have since diversified our services to book musicians, comedians, motivational speakers, athletes and more, reflecting the versatile nature of our services. Champions Speakers continues to dominate the speaking circuit, supplying top class talent for events worldwide.