LGBT Speakers

There are many benefits to booking an LGBT speaker. If you are looking to prompt a discussion and promote action into the issues surrounding the LGBT community - look no further.

Book LGBT Speakers For Your University Event

At Champions Music & Entertainment we have our finger on the pulse of trends and topics that are vital to the progression of human-kind - and by offering mental health experts, LGBT speakers, business speakers and technology speakers among others - we help to ensure students are given the information required to express opinions and take action on the major topics we face today.

Leading LGBT speakers are able to document the struggles they have endured and express the importance of growing awareness in this area. From the first openly gay sports stars to the celebrities and activists whose openness in discussing their gender and sexual preferences has helped pave the way for a future free of discrimination - there are many experts available.

Providing inclusivity to all students is a pre-requisite of university life. Offering students insight into a diverse array of areas is at the heart of a well-rounded university experience. Engaging students in discussion on key topics relating to wellbeing, diversity and more is essential to broadening the minds of future generations.

The LGBT community is growing as more and more people are free to explore their preferences without judgement. But it is not a fight that ends here - until prejudice is extinguished from the daily lives of all within the LGBT community and beyond.

With Pride events in London, Dublin and Brighton collectively gathering over 145,000 people marching for equality, and many millions more showing out in support - LGBT provides a topic that engages one and all.

In booking an LGBT speaker, you are receiving a knowledgeable authority on the community, which can prove to be a crucial support network for those in need of advice, as well equipping unacquainted students with a critical exercise in awareness.

Our leading music and entertainment agency offer the top speakers, entertainment and event hosts in London, the UK and the world in order to help you fuel passionate debates, as well as educate, entertain and inspire your students.

If you need any advice or guidance, or if you have a question about any of the LGBT speakers on our website, don’t hesitate to give a member of the management team a call on 0203 793 40 42 or send us a message via [email protected].