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Inspirational speakers and professionals on mental health can play a key role in keeping students stay on track, happy and driven in their studies. With leading lights on emotional intelligence, health and wellbeing and motivation available through Champions Music and Entertainment, you can ensure your students have everything they need to succeed.

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The benefit of a keynote speech on mental health can be massive. Emphasis on this area has proven truly valuable in recent times and choosing the right speaker can help educate and inspire students, helping them to overcome obstacles.

University is home to our future linguists, professors, lawyers, accountants, economists, politicians, scientists and more - and in ensuring they are able to deal with pressure, adversity and stress is pivotal to their future success. A mental health speaker can help prepare students for the journey ahead.

Our leading music and entertainment agency offer the top speakers, event hosts and entertainment in London, the UK and the world in order to help you fuel passionate debates, as well support your students' pursuit of knowledge.

1 in 4 of the UK public is experiencing a mental health problem every year. It is no surprise that the issue of mental health extends into universities, with the pressures that can come with maximising performance.

Showing support for students is integral to university life. Most students, at some point, will experience stress and pressure which can lead to mental health problems. In providing insight on such topics, students will be able to utilise their learnings if and when it is needed throughout their time at university, and beyond. In providing advice on how to manage thought processes, time and workload can be vital.

A survey by showed that 75% of mental health problems are established by the age of 24. Worrying about jobs, money and the future is central to mental health problems affecting students. While treatment is vital to those suffering mental health problems, so too is awareness.

Champions Music & Entertainment ensure that all your university entertainment and educational needs are at your fingertips. In providing mental health speakers who have engaged audiences across the world with expert opinions and advice, we are up to date with the major topics affecting the world today.

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