Keynote Speakers

Whether you are looking to bring a buzz to the lecture theatre or your virtual weekly meetings our 15 years' experience in delivering keynote speakers to businesses make us well-placed to deliver on your needs.

World-Class Keynote Speakers For Events

It has long been a tradition at the world's greatest universities to enlist the services of keynote speakers to share their experiences with students, teachers and people affiliated with a university. This serves to provide valuable insight into various fields that can be especially rewarding to students. Able to speak with authority on their subject matter, a great speaker has lived and breathed the themes of their keynote speeches. With a diverse array of topics available for discussion, Champions Music & Entertainment partner with some of the most respected of speakers in the world. Our team can take your budget and brief and supply a keynote speaker focusing on the topics of your choosing, helping to make your university event a memorable one.

Whether you aim to prompt debate or create awareness, our experts spend each day working with the world's foremost figureheads making their recommendations priceless.

Isn't An Agency An Expensive Luxury?

Invariably not.

We charge the speaker a commission for their services, meaning you are receiving the services of our highly-experienced professionals for free or a minimal fee.

In addition, our team work with you throughout the booking process and event itself to make sure there are no last-minute dramas. You can read more about the benefits of booking with an agency now. Alternatively, browse our offerings to find the right speaker for you.

We Book 3000+ Events Every Year

Having arranged speakers and entertainment in 43 countries around the world, covering over 3000 events each and every year, our expert management team are well-versed in providing talent best suited to the needs of your event.

We have arranged speakers for a broad range of events including economic summits, forums, trade shows, universities, press conferences and corporate events, and continue to be at the beating heart of international conventions.

The keynote speakers we offer cover a wide range of themes from teamwork and leadership to LGBT; business to wellbeing; technology to future trends, meaning there is a guest speaker suited to all occasions.

Looking for somebody else? Head over to our sister company, Champions Speakers, for a wider selection.

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