What a dance act can bring to your event!

Many events have traditionally always had entertainment in the form of a well-known speaker, a hilarious comedian or a band full of talented musicians.

Dance acts are becoming more and more popular for large-scale and intimate events. Let us take you through our main reasons for booking a dance group for your event.

Plenty of talent

Dance has evolved over the past few years, with TV shows like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ allowing the likes of more modern street troupes, Diversity and Flawless to become household names.

From traditional ballroom dancers to the modern street dance style, dependent upon the type of event, the guests you have in attendance and of course personal taste, there is an abundance of choice available in relation to the type of dance act you go for.

If you are running an event whereby you want to stand out from the rest and leave an impression on those in attendance, a high calibre dance act can showcase this perfectly.

The high stakes entertainment involved in the precise routines of those involved will, more often than not, result in an event that lives long in the memory. This reflects well on the audience members, showing that you really do mean business and will put on a show to achieve the best no matter what.

A breathtaking atmosphere

Any great event needs to have a great atmosphere to match, to truly live long in the memory of those in attendance. A lack of atmosphere, or worse if there’s a negative vibe, could see the assembled audience leaving early and a half-empty venue!

Entertainment is a massive part of getting the atmosphere and setting right for the occasion.

The fanfare of a dance act, whether it be down to their costumes or an exhilarating routine, can leave a room wowed. You might even find that guests are inspired to re-enact a particularly amazing dance routine on the dance floor themselves!

Unforgettable memories

While many of us attend music concerts and catch a comedy show every now and then, it’s not every day that you can see professional dancers perform right in front of you.

While we’ve all seen a bit of ‘Strictly’, on the TV, imagine guests’ faces when they see the best in the business strutting their stuff just metres away.

Spellbinding footwork, fantastic showmanship and the connection between movement and sound, are just a few of the highlights an audience will get to enjoy close up with the addition of a dance act to your event programme.

So, while dance acts may not immediately come to mind as the most viable entertainment for your event, we hope we’ve enticed you with our reasons why it is should be an essential part of any special night.

If you’d like to book a dance act for your next event, call our team on 01509 85 29 27 to explore available options.

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