Brass Bands

Brass bands are an incredible choice for a variety of events, and when we think about brass bands, it makes us feel like we're in New Orleans listening to the marching bands during the festival season. These bands, as the name suggests, consist entirely of brass instruments, making them fantastic for ceremonies, fetes, and so much more.

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A brass band is the perfect addition to a variety of events, including weddings, private parties and public functions, due to their adaptable setlist. The musical ensemble, consisting mostly of brass instruments, boasts an impressive percussion section that builds to soaring crescendos. From the soprano cornet to the baritone horn, brass bands produce a melodic, light sound differing from the more sombre orchestral band - which is what makes them perfect for celebration events.

A symbol of cultural pride and bringing the community together, local brass bands proudly represent their roots nationwide. For the musicians, being in a brass band is as much about unity as it is about producing spectacular music. You can rest assured when booking a brass band that they will be both passionate and talented, invested in your event because they are invested in their music.

Your event deserves a brass band to serenade your guests, set the atmosphere and compliment your theme. These professional musicians are experts in adapting to your unique occasion, and with Champions Music and Entertainment on hand to make the booking process stress free, now is the best time to book a brass band. Classical, talented and passionate, our brass bands for hire can blend seamlessly into the background or fill the stage with bright, soaring sounds.

Since originating in the early 19th century, the continuous popularity of the brass band is in part due to the availability of instruments and local pride that comes hand in hand with playing to home crowds. Broken down into subgenres, like Balkan brass bands, New Orleans jazz brass bands, and fanfare orchestras from Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, the potential for these bands are endless.

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