Glam Rock

Champions Music and Entertainment have a wide range of glam rock tribute bands that are a fantastic addition to any tribute night, corporate party, birthday party, and even your wedding.

Glam Rock Tribute Bands

Developed in the early 1970s, Glam Rock, otherwise known as Glitter Rock, is a genre of music categorised by outrageous outfits, daring makeup, platform shoes and tonnes of glitter. Started in the UK, Glam artists took influence from different music sources, like Bubblegum Pop and Rock ‘n’ Roll, to produce a unique, powerful style of music. Glam Rock relies on visual stimulation, with animated performances and outrageous onstage persona’s giving the genre its reputation. Born in a time of change, the genre is renowned for denouncing gender norms and embracing a camp or androgynous style.

Our Glam Rock tribute act perfectly represent the genre. Whether you want to sing ballads with Queen or headbang to Led Zeppelin, we have the act for you. Suitable for any event, from a Glam Rock themed party to a wedding with a difference, your guests will marvel at the talent, visual style and authenticity of these acts. Take a look at the artists we have on offer, and reignite the 70s at your event.

In the 1970s, Glam Rock manifested in all areas or British popular culture, inspiring fashion trends like platform shoes and big hairstyles. From David Bowie to Elton John, the UK music scene was rife with Glam Rock. Categorised as a fashion trend as well as a music genre, Glam Rock rejected the 1960s Rock scene to glorify decadence and superficiality. Diverse in nature, it is a celebration of all things flamboyant. From the theatre show, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, to modern genres like Pop Punk, there is no limit to the influence Glam Rock has had on not just the music industry, but entertainment as a whole.

With no signs of slowing down, Glam Rock has firmly positioned itself as a genre that has stood the test of time.

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