Acoustic Singers

Acoustic singers are highly talented vocalists, who perform without amplification. Singing with simply one microphone, acoustic singers are often accompanied by a musical instrument such as a guitar. Acoustic singers are the perfect entertainment when looking for a relaxed and calm performance at your wedding, party or corporate event. Here at Champions Music & Entertainment, we have a premier selection of acoustic singers and bands - browse our selection today!

Hire Leading Acoustic Singers & Musicians

Performing without a backing track or electronic amplification commonly found in the music of today, the acoustic sound is incredibly authentic and truly showcases the vocal talents of the artists. The perfect accompaniment to all manner of different occasions, our acoustic singers for hire are perfect when looking to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Here at Champions Music & Entertainment, we have a roster packed with premier acoustic singers, all professionals performing raw without enhancement of backing tracks and electric amplification. When looking for an acoustic singer for hire, book from our roster of acoustic singers today. 

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Acoustic singers are highly popular entertainment for a variety of weddings, parties and events across the globe. Bringing a calm and relaxed vibe to events of all kinds, acoustic singers are also a great match for events that don't have much stage space - as with just a singer and a microphone there is no need for big PA systems. 

Acoustic singers are also popular additions to wedding ceremonies, perfect for a beautiful first dance or for calming background music during dinner. Why not book the Becky & Josh Duo for your wedding? Or how about Chloë Elliot for a beautiful solo performance? Or how about Belle & The Boots when looking for a wandering acoustic band? The list of possibilities is endless. 

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