If you’re booking entertainment for the first time, we understand it could be a little daunting…


If you’re booking entertainment for the first time, we understand it could be a little daunting…

‘Can I choose what the band performs?’, ‘Will they perform my first dance?’, ‘What do I need to provide?

These are just a few of the common questions we get asked; so we decided to put together this handy list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. There are a few well-worn entertainment industry terms and some jargon explained as well. If there’s something that isn’t covered in the guide below, just give us a shout by using our Contact form. 

How Much Does It Cost to Book a Band for a Wedding, Private Or Corporate Party?

All our bands for hire vary in price considerably and can cost from the hundreds to the thousands depending on their status, where they are in the world and the demand for their services. While we recognise that price is a defining factor for you in booking an act, we prefer to give you a tailored quote in fitting with your brief and budget.

Our team are experts in sourcing the right talent for each occasion, so you can come to us with your requirements and we will provide a shortlist of great acts within your price range - without you paying a dime. Alternatively, you can find an act you like and ask us for a competitive quote, which we will be able to provide without delay.

How Do You Hire A Band?

We make booking a band easy so that you can get on with what matters most. Having the band in the bank can make for a weight off of your shoulders, and it really is easy to do. We arrange all contracts, payments and contact with the act in question - and you will pay no more for the privilege. We charge our acts a commission for using our service so you will get your act free or for a minimal fee. So, if you wish to proceed with a booking, there are two ways to start the process.

First, is to search our website for a band that meets your needs, and then use our booking form to tell us a little more. From there we will establish availability and a price for the act of your choosing. If the act is not in keeping with your budget, we can provide a short list of similar acts with prices more suited to your needs.

Alternatively, you can simply supply us with a few details and we can come up with a list of acts tailored to your event. From there we will sort all the booking details and ensure you have everything you need ahead of the big occasion.

Can I use their microphone and P.A/sound system for speeches?

Once they are set-up, most acts are more than happy for you to use one of their mic’s for any speeches or announcements. Give us a shout in good time before the event date and we can double-check with the act for you.

Can my band provide suitable music for their breaks and after the performance?

Often yes – whether it be on mixed CD’s or increasingly these days on iPods/iPads or a laptop. Alternatively, you can supply the band with an iPod/Mp3 player, Tablet or Smartphone with playlists of your own and they can hook this up to their sound system for you. If the act is expected to supply music after the performance, a further charge may be required especially if they are required to do so beyond midnight. Any additional charges will be made clear during the enquiry process.

Do I have to provide a stage?

Where space permits, a band or act on a stage will always look better but a stage is not necessarily essential (unless specified). Where the event is being held in a marquee or similar, the band/act must have a hard, level, solid surface to set-up on; grass or matting are not suitable surfaces.

What do I need to provide for my act or band?
  • Easy access to power close to the stage or performance area. Conventional x13 amp sockets are normally fine. We would also suggest that you seek assurances from your event venue that their electricity points are regularly tested and up to date.
  • The band may be required to set-out early on that day to travel to your event and may well not return until the early hours so a bite to eat or hot meals for the band/act are required along with soft drinks/water.
  • A suitable dressing room is required to change into ‘stage attire’. We really do understand that a ready-made dressing room is not always available so a spare function room for use of the band is often sufficient (we politely request that bands or acts are not expected to change in a toilet cubicle or ‘in the van’!)
I need my act/band to be set-up early in the afternoon. Would this be ok?

Certain performers may charge an extra ‘waiting time’ if they have to arrive and set-up earlier than what is considered ‘the norm’. A usual arrival time for an act is up to 90 minutes prior to their performance start time.

i.e. if the act is due to start performance at 7.00pm, they will be looking to arrive around 5.30pm to load in, set-up and sound check.

Can my act/band perform the first dance at our wedding reception?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive rule when it comes to band’s learning first dances or song requests. Some bands are more adept than others… A key factor though is whether the band feel that they can do a good enough version of the song and also that it roughly fits in with the band’s overall style/genre of performance. They are also more likely to be able to learn a song if it’s not an obscure B-side from a band’s back catalogue(!) Plus the more notice the better. Check with us at the time of booking if this is really important to you!

Important note – some bands may charge a further fee for the time it takes to learn a new song. We will certainly make you aware of any further charges, if required.

Can I choose what songs are performed at my event?

As good acts are performing regularly at events, week in, week out; they’ll have a good idea of what songs work in what order. You are more than welcome to make suggestions however to the act or band. We would suggest you have 5 to 6 “please play” songs and 5 to 6 “please don’t play” songs from their playlist and send through to us in advance of your event date. The final set-list though should be left to the act or band as there are many factors that go into determining the order of set-list such as tempo of the song, the order of electronically sequenced backing tracks, etc.

Why should I use an agency like Champions Music & Entertainment? I’ve heard it may be cheaper to book my act/band directly?

This isn’t necessarily the case! We are here to negotiate the best possible price for you and given our buying power in the market, we have a true understanding of what acts and bands tend to be charging. Booking through a reputable agency likes Champions also provides you with additional safeguards should things go wrong. If an act has to pull out through illness or another unforeseen problem (highly unlikely) we’ll work hard to find you a replacement, even if it’s last minute. In the rare case that something goes wrong, we do everything we can to rectify the situation.

What does ‘playback’ mean?

Where the act or entertainer is singing or performing to backing tracks, often there is no live music involved.

What does ‘self-contained’ mean? I’ve seen this mentioned before…

Self-contained means the band or act will be supplying their own sound system and often performance area/stage lighting as well.