Catering to everyone’s tastes sometimes can sometimes be a difficult task, there might be those old school Rock ‘N’ Roll lovers or those that would rather listen to a disc jockey spinning away. 

Hire Top Pop Artists For Events

A party band is perfect for any occasion! Covering a wide array of musical genres within a single act, they will please any audience. We also look after a diverse portfolio of bands that specialise in pop music, one of the most timeless genres on the planet. Everyone remembers the classic pop songs, and our pop bands available to hire come with a set list that will bring back fantastic memories. We have bands specialising in different eras to groups that have a more modern sound, browse through our fantastic selection of Party & Pop bands to find one perfect for your event.

Everybody wants guests at their private function or corporate event to feel good and be delighted with the day – and what better way to ensure this happens than having a vibrant, talented pop band to liven up the proceedings? As you would expect, Champions Music and Entertainment has on its books some of the best pop bands for hire on the planet. These include Blue, Odyssey, Belle Amie, The Saturdays, the New Amen Group and many more. It’s difficult to imagine any audience not loving the sounds these incredible bands have to offer. Whoever you choose, you can be confident that Champions Music and Entertainment will find you the perfect act for your event.

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