World Music

Across the globe, there are a plethora of unique and exciting styles of music, with each country adding their own speciality to the music industry. From Latin and Salsa to Oompah, Mariachi and Bollywood, our roster of world musicians represent a vast range of cultures from across the world. A musical celebration of culture, add a world music act to your event to represent a diverse spectrum of music.

Hire Talented World Music Acts For Global Events

Delivering a musical celebration of culture from around the world, our world music acts for hire are an exciting choice as event entertainment. An authentic selection of sounds originating from each corner of the globe, our roster presents a diverse musical spectrum ideal for corporate events, wedding entertainment or private parties. Whether you are looking for an energetic Mariachi performance, a traditional Irish band, a captivating Bollywood dance or a rustic country number, book from our roster of diverse world music acts today.

Our roster of world musicians delivers a culturally diverse performance at a range of different events, whether that be a wedding, corporate event or private party. When looking to book a Latin & Salsa, Country & Western, Mariachi, Irish, Bollywood & Indian, Oompah or Reggae world musician, book with Champions Music & Entertainment today! 

Hire Country & Western Singers

Perfect when looking to create a rustic vibe at your event, our roster of Country & Western acts sing some of history's most famous country songs. Also specialising in the genre of Folk music, our Country & Western musicians are perfect for a range of relaxed weddings and private parties. Why not book the ultimate live Tex-Mex party band Los Pacaminos or big band The Jamestown Brothers? 

Hire Indian & Bollywood Acts

Originating in India, Bollywood is the genre of music featured in Hindi films and is formed by the merging of the words 'Hollywood' and 'Bombay'. Bollywood music and dancing are often booked for a range of weddings and parties, guaranteed to get all guests up on their feet and joining in with the energetic and fast-paced dancing. When looking to add aspects of Indian culture to your event, book an Indian & Bollywood act today. 

Hire Irish Bands

Embodying traditional Irish music, our selection of Irish bands is perfect for themed events. From Celtic Rock to traditional Folk, our Irish Bands pay homage to the key parts of Irish culture and heritage. When looking for a talented Irish Band, book from our roster of Irish Bands for hire - you will not be disappointed. 

Hire Latin & Salsa Acts

If you are looking to add a Latin spin to your event, or theme it around Salsa, book from our roster of Latin & Salsa performers today! Whether you are looking for a fiery Latina singer, like Tamsin Killen, or a tribute to the iconic Santana band, such as Oye Santana, we have a Latin & Salsa act perfect for events of all kinds.

Hire Mariachi Bands

A genre of regional Mexican music, Mariachi dates back as early as the 18th century. With Mariachi bands consisting of violins, trumpets, guitars, vihuelas and guitarrons, these talented bands are guaranteed to bring life and soul to the party! Book one of our Mariachi bands for a night of traditional Mexican music.

Hire Oompah Bands

Oompah Bands are typically associated with Bavaria, renowned for their traditional German music. Often sporting traditional Bavarian lederhosen or dirndls, these talented musicians play a variety of brass instruments from trumpets to accordions and trombones. If you are looking for a band that will pack the ‘oomph’ into your next event, book an energetic Bavarian oompah band today!

Hire Reggae Singers

A style that originated back in the 1960s, Reggae music is a popular musical genre in Jamaica and is widely associated with the Rastafari religion. Incorporating various elements of African, Latin, R&B and Jazz music, Reggae has spread around the world and produced some iconic musicians, such as the famed Bob Marley. When looking for a talented Reggae musician to hire for your next event, browse our Reggae roster today.

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