As a form of music led theatre, opera has become a staple of elite events and classy affairs - like traditional weddings. Differing from other types of musical theatre, opera relies more on the level of emotion in someone’s voice than their acting, to project a certain message - these acts embody this skill.

Hire A Talented Opera Singer For Events

It can be defined as a collaboration of acting, ballet, costume and set, but singing as should always be the driving force. Typically performed in an opera house, these acts will bring the magic, emotion and breathtaking talent of opera to your event.

Opera singers have fine tuned a unique array of skills that set them apart from other singers, including breathing techniques, projection, emotive placement and range. These artists calmly step-up to the microphone confident in their ability to earn a standing ovation, singing in multiple languages as if they were native speakers. Their powerful voices reverberate around a venue, filling every nook and crevice until the air is thick with vibrato. Whether they are singing to a loud orchestra or a backing track, it is the singer's voice that commands the room.

Broken down into different vocal classifications, there truly is an opera singer for every theme, tone or type of event, from weddings to business events. With a repertoire of classical songs, adapted recognisable hits and even songs that you have never heard, but can’t wait to look up and listen to again and again. This age old genre of music has held fans captivated for centuries, far from a passing craze opera singers are the classic, traditional addition a multitude of events cry out for. These artists in particular are at the top of their game and some of the best available, so don’t delay, book an opera singer to add a touch of sophistication to your event.