1960s Headliners

The 1960s was a decade that became synonymous with the term 'flower power', due to the passive and peaceful resistance movement of the decade. The aesthetic of the decade saw people wearing peace signs and flowers, and today the 1960s are widely remembered for their 'hippie' culture. A time that saw the evolution of rock and the album era, the 1960s produced famed bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, and artists such as Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin and James Brown.

Hire The Top 1960s Headline Acts Now

A decade that saw the success of bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, we were blessed with many amazing songs throughout the decade. From I Can't Get No Satisfaction to I Want to Hold Your Hand and I'm A Believer, the 1960s produced songs that continue to sell today. Book one of our 1960 headline acts to transport you back in time to the era of the Flower Power.

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