Steel Bands

Comprised of steel pans, the steel band originates from Trinidad and Tobago. Known as Pannists, these music acts are bright, uplifting and talented, capable of bringing the fun to your event. Imagine a rainy wedding, a dreary birthday party or a business event in need of a boost, then imagine a steel band filling the event with tropical music.

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People are enthralled by this unique acoustic instrument, which can adapt and cover a multitude of hit songs. Quoted as having a “vacation effect”, a steel band has the ability to take you from your dull location to a Caribbean beach as the sun sets, instantly triggering memories of mojitos, sunglasses and carnivals. For some, steel bands are melodic and soothing, for others, they are exciting and passionate - that is the magic of steel bands, they are adaptable to any audience type. Ultimately, they cultivate a joyful atmosphere, so book a steel band for your event to ensure a positive reception.

The powerful music produced by a steel pan fills the room with sounds that are both broad and light, arguably more impactful than other instruments commonly used by bands. The notes are drawn out to flawlessly mix together into a symphony of joyous music, whilst maintaining a punchy rhythm of percussion. This chromatically pitched instrument, coupled with a group of talented percussionists, make for an event to remember. Whether solo or with a band, these pannists flawlessly apply a Caribbean vibe to instantly recognisable songs. Turn your ordinary event into an extraordinary night to remember with a steel band; no matter the theme or style of the occasion, every event deserves a boost of happy music.

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