Latin & Salsa

Latin is a highly popular style that encompasses music from Latin America, Portugal, Spain and the United States. Salsa is a style of Latin American music, which includes elements of guaracha, bomba, plena, mambo and Latin jazz. Latin music is believed to have originated from the United States back in the 1940s, due to a growing influence of Latino Americans in the American music market. When looking to hire a Latin & Salsa artist, contact Champions Music & Entertainment today and we will match the perfect Latin & Salsa musician to your event.

Hire A Leading Latin & Salsa Act For Events

Talented, rhythmic and energetic musicians, our carefully selected range of Latin & Salsa acts deliver a truly mesmerising performance. Ensuring a full dance floor and infectious enthusiasm at every event they attend, Latin & Salsa acts are perfect entertainment for a range of weddings, parties and corporate events. Accompanied by continuous rhythmic drum and percussion sounds, mixed with brass music and sweet guitar solos, Latin & Salsa acts have the power to invigorate audiences of all ages. No matter what event you are looking to hire a Latin & Salsa act for, contact Champions Music & Entertainment today to secure the perfect entertainment.

Hire Latin & Salsa Acts Today

Our roster of Latin & Salsa acts are the perfect entertainers to get your party started! Performing the rhythmic sounds of Salsa, our Latin performers ensure an event packed with energy and will have guests of all ages up on their feet dancing the night away. So whether you are looking for a rhythmic Salsa band performance, from the likes of Latin and Flamenco quartet Solea, or a tribute to an iconic Latin artist, such as Santana tribute Oye Santana, get in touch with Champions Music & Entertainment to secure your perfect Latin & Salsa entertainer today.

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