Unique Acts

Fancy something different at your next event? Our selection of acts that are something completely unique, which will give you the opportunity to impress your audience with something they have never seen before! Take the time to have a look through our variety of acts to find the one for your private or corporate entertainment. 

Book An Act With A Difference

Ideal for parties, business functions and many more occasions, our entertainers for hire have been sought from the farthest corners of the country, to make your event unforgettable.

Take a closer look at all of the acts that will add something different to your event below before booking your favourite through Champions Music & Entertainment. Simply contact us via online form or by calling on 0207 078 78 76

The field of entertainment is a vast, subjective and eclectic beast, and some acts simply cannot be pigeonholed. They push the boundaries, they rewrite definitions, and they leave audiences bewildered as to what they’ve just witnessed. And Champions Music & Entertainment is bringing these revolutionary acts to you.

Gerard Senehi, the “Experimentalist”, has to be seen to be believed. Juggling Inferno will raise the temperature, working up a sweat with their pyromaniac performances, and Bruce Airhead does things with a giant balloon that you would have never thought possible.

So if you want to unleash a corporate entertainer that will leave your audience truly shocked and elated in equal measure, try something different - and speak to a member of our expert team.

Able to provide suggestions and recommendations from the weird to the wonderful, the private to the corporate entertainment, we know what makes events tick and can help you make your event an incredible one.