12 Explosive Themes For Your Christmas Party: Surprise Your Guests in 2023

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12 Explosive Themes For Your Christmas Party: Surprise Your Guests

Whether you are planning an office Christmas party for guests and delegates or want unique Christmas party ideas to impress your family and friends, we have some exciting themes that can give your event something special. Here is our top 12 Christmas event themes list for 2023:

  1. Harry Potter-Themed Christmas Party
  2. Masquerade Ball
  3. Movie Premiere
  4. Winter Wonderland
  5. Santa’s Grotto
  6. Circus
  7. Nightmare Before Christmas
  8. The Great Gatsby
  9. The Grinch/Elf
  10. Candy Theme
  11. Silly Sweater
  12. Decade Theme

Harry Potter-Themed Christmas Party

For many, Hogwarts at Christmas represents the ultimate fantasy world. And with the ability to entertain with magic and wizardry, a Harry Potter-themed Christmas party is a must. There are many ideas surrounding this theme that you can use to make your Harry Potter-themed dream a reality. Here are a few we have come up with:

  • Recreate the banquet of the great hall with the house flags and levitating cakes or the snowy courtyard with the frozen fountain and the house scarves.
  • Make signs of well-known locations that surround the film; Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade.
  • Have drinks served in potion bottles or have guests sipping Butterbeer.
  • Wands, broomsticks and chocolate frogs will always go down well.
  • One of our favourite ideas is a 'Donate a Sock' box to free house elves!

Masquerade Ball

A feature of elegance and sophistication – a masquerade ball is a classic theme. The concept arrived on these shores from the festivities of Venice, where masked dancers would entertain the upper classes. The masks represented Prince Prospero, who with 1000 nobles tried to hide from the Red Death in his castle to no avail – and all succumbed to the deadly disease. The fictional story by Edgar Allan Poe first popularized the event theme and today it makes for classy events. Decorating a room in black and gold and encouraging the wearing of masks can bring a fantastic atmosphere.

Movie Premiere

A movie premiere theme is a sure-fire way to bring glitz and glamour to your party. Giving your guests the opportunity to dress up and celebrate in style, this is also a great theme that can be pulled off on any kind of budget. The event can feature a red carpet as an excuse for everyone to dress up, while props like a photo booth, limousine and paparazzi can capture the good times and prompt extravagant poses from your guests. It is a go-getting event style but if you commit and engage your team with it, it is one they can really get on board with.

Winter Wonderland

For a lavish Christmas party, winter wonderland is a magical call. With whites, silvers and ice blues dominating the room; trees, snowflakes, arches, lanterns and hanging lights all help to create that fictional, other-worldly feel. You can be as imaginative as you wish when conceptualising your winter wonderland, to really wow your guests.

Santa’s Grotto

A traditional entry, Santa’s Grotto has been a fixture of Christmas parties almost since the legend of St Nicholas entered popular culture. Presents, elves and even reindeer have made an appearance at Christmas parties. For any event with children on the guest list it is a great addition to keep them entertained and feeling the magic of Christmas.


A circus or funfair theme is a big winner with guests, due to the nostalgic feelings it presents. You can book circus acts like acrobats, jugglers, drummers, rhythmic gymnasts, fire-eaters, burlesque dancers, stilt walkers, magicians, psychics and big band string quartets to accompany your event. With the colours of the circus and the lighting, you can create a showcase of innovation and intensity or something a bit more trivial depending on your needs. However far you wish to go there are options to make it one of the Christmas party themes to remember.

Nightmare Before Christmas

For a tongue in cheek affair and a twist on a traditional Christmas, Nightmare Before Christmas is a fun event idea that can really engage a team and allow you to get creative with loads of fun ideas. With colours of white, purple and black; ghosts, skeletons and monsters included – you can go in various directions with this one. From themed cupcakes to stilt walkers and a unique band to fancy dress, Tim Burton’s classic film is the perfect antidote to the Christmas season.

The Great Gatsby

One of the most compelling themes in motion in the modern day, a Great Gatsby theme offers a spectacular set up for Christmas parties. The enchanting age of art deco played host to implausible parties. You too can recreate these incredible nights with a jazz band, fire-eaters, jugglers, acrobats and dancers. Engage guests with fancy dress and feathers and impress them with vintage decorations from crates of bootleg whiskey to bathtubs filled with bottles of liquor. One of the most expressive event styles and a party style that can be erudite or absurd, dependent on your desires.

The Grinch/Elf

Two of the most magical Christmas films of our time, the two feature abstract settings that inspire and impress. Recreating even a fragment of the magic from those films is sure to have guests in the Christmas spirit. Bring Christmas trees, stockings, candy canes and presents to your venue, have guests dressing up as who’s, grinches, elves and such to make for a truly special event.

Candy Theme

Another that is a sure-fire hit with children, a candy factory theme can be a fun way to see in the Christmas period. You can feature the gates of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and even go the whole hog in recreating the famous film or go a different direction and bring giant gummy bears, lollipops or candy canes. Huge chocolate fountains, candy floss trees or a wistful sweet shop could turn heads.

Silly Sweater

For some, Christmas would not be complete without a silly sweater and as a well-loved Christmas tradition, it's a safe bet for a great Christmas party theme. Besides providing a great talking point, this simple theme allows you the freedom to invent your event in the style you want. Whether that means booking a music act, comedian or something different alongside your Christmas jumper theme, it is up to you. A competition is also a great way to make people go further in their jumper choices.

Decade theme

One of the outright favourites for corporate events and special occasions, a decade theme can provide an exciting flashback to bygone eras. Whether you wish to take your guests back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or noughties, or even further back there are some amazing options to keep them entertained.

Features like jukeboxes, gramophones, and arcade machines, depending on the decade can be particularly popular, while a tribute band can bring the hits from the era; from pop to Motown, rock n’ roll to dance and disco. Maybe employ an old box photographer or leave polaroid cameras on tables to keep your guests in the spirit of the time you choose. The 80s and 90s are popular with younger audiences while the 60s and 70s are sure to keep everyone entertained and engaged with the elaborate fancy dress.

With loads of ways to get creative and inspire your team, you can ensure your party is one to remember. Ensure that the merriest time of the year is full of festive cheer with singing, dancing and plenty to talk about. We hope you found the right theme for you, from our list of Christmas party themes. Once you have decided what you are looking for you can begin to build the party around the concept.

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