Here's Why Magicians Are The Ultimate Entertainers For Your Event

Megan Lupton
Content Executive

If there is one thing that humankind can agree on, it is that everyone loves magicians. There is something so intriguing about being fooled, desperately watching their hands "select your card", only to find that it was behind your ear the entire time. From weddings to corporate Christmas parties, they are perfect for a wide variety of events, due to their innate ability to leave guests awe-struck.

Take a look at why we think you should book a magician for your next event, and the best magicians for hire.

An Unforgettable Experience

Setting magicians apart, their ability to wow audiences makes for an unforgettable experience. When booked for events, including weddings, corporate parties and public festivals, these talented acts will keep audiences hooked on their every single trick. Credited to their wonder, your guests will be thinking about their favourite trick long after the event has finished, desperately trying to work out how it was done.

Marc Spelman

Star of Britain's Got Talent not once, but twice, few can rival Marc Spelmann's dedication to his act. Marc has spent his entire life studying the art of magic, having been enraptured by tricks since he was a young boy, reflected through his gold-buzzer standard performance on BGT. When booked for events, your audience will be unable to look away.

Up Close & Personal

Due to the wide range of disciplines within the world of magic, there truly is a performer for every event. Sleight of hand can bridge the gap between the stage and the audience, bringing the action to your guests. Ideal for intimate events with limited space, sleight of hand magicians will quickly draw a crowd eager to be fooled next.

Mike Fairall

King of close up magic, Mike Fairall, is a senior member of The Magic Circle. He is widely considered one of the best magicians in the country, as he combines card tricks with mind reading to create a truly unique experience for guests - he will stun your audience into silence!

Suitable For Every Event

At Champions Music and Entertainment, we understand that no two events are the same. From theme and purpose to audience size and demographic, it is important to first understand your occasion before booking an entertainer. Magicians come from a range of disciplines, so whether they are performing sleight of hand or "stuck" in a box onstage, we have the magician for your event.

Miss Direction

From entertaining VIPs at the Silverstone race track to her royal highness the Queen of Jordan, Miss Direction is absolutely spectacular. As one of the best female magicians in the country, she is in high demand for events up and down the United Kingdom. Miss Direction specialises in close up magic, ensuring that your guests are thoroughly entertained.

Tailored To Your Audience

Similarly to the event as a whole, audiences too come in all shapes and sizes. From young school students to business leaders at larger corporate events, an entertainer must be able to adapt to their audience. These performers leave guests of all ages awe-inspired, as they can tailor the style and theme of their set to your audience.

Magical Bones

Since bursting onto the magic scene, Magical Bones has spent the last decade entertaining the likes of The Black Eyed Peas and Madonna. As the star of his own West End Show and television programme, Around the World in 80 Tricks, he has become one of the highest regarded entertainers in the country - his shows have been viewed millions of times, and even led to him performing at the BAFTAs.

Everyone Loves Magicians

As we have already stated - everyone loves magicians. With their theatrical flair and ability to fool even the most eagle-eyed of guests, few can deny the majesty of a talented magician. And our magicians are some of the best in the business. Truly dedicated to their craft, their passion for the mysterious draws even the most reluctant of guests into the magic of, well, magic!

Ben Hart

Another star of Britain's Got Talent, Ben Hart embodies all that it means to be a magician; he is spellbinding, charming and utterly captivating. He is the writer and star performer of Killer Magic, which was awarded Best Non-Competitive Reality Show at the 2014 National Reality Television Awards, and is the mastermind behind the "world's first 360 magic trick".

Book A Talented Magician For Your Event

If you find yourself asking the question "that is all well and good, but how do you find a magician?", then not to worry, Champions Music and Entertainment are on hand to supply a broad range of talented trick artists for your event.

To book one of our incredible magicians for your next birthday party, corporate event or concert, contact the Champions Music and Entertainment agency via our online contact form or by calling one of our booking agents directly on 0203 7934042.

Megan Lupton
Content Executive

Having completed a Masters in Creative Writing, Megan is found regularly contributing to the company blog, where she discusses everything from the latest socio-political news stories to self-improvement. Joining Champions Music & Entertainment in 2019, Megan is also responsible for a variety of creative content, like contributing to the online presence of those we represent across the website.