Pink Car Leasing: Celebrities Perform 12 Days of Christmas with an Automotive Twist

Megan Lupton
Content Executive
Pink Car Leasing

Superstars from cricket to music joined forces this December, to perform their rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas. In collaboration with Pink Car Leasing, the celebrities each sang a portion of the iconic Christmas carol, with an automotive twist.

What is better than a “partridge in a pear tree”? A Mercedes A-Class, according to Sam Bailey!

Who took part in Pink Car Leasing’s 12 Days of Christmas?

Two returning faces were Sam Bailey and Derek Redmond. The pair had previously worked with Pink Car Leasing on their Car Karaoke campaign, which gained nearly 2,000 views on YouTube, in just a month! In the latest video, Sam and Derek cited their go-to cars as a Ford Mustang and Range Rover – the cars they received from Pink Car Leasing.

Matthew Hoggard, Peter Baker and Geoff Miller also joined the line-up. They performed their rendition adorned in Christmas jumpers, to the backdrop of their festive homes. From the BMW One Series Hatchback to the Skoda Fabia, the team of celebs listed a wide selection of cars, and drew valuable attention to Pink Car Leasing’s popular service.

Who are Pink Car Leasing?

Pink Car Leasing are specialists in car hire. They continually supply outstanding customer service, and lease some of the most sought after cars on the market. Whether you require a spacious van, economic electric car or fancy a flashy Tesla with all the mod cons you could wish for, Pink Car Leasing have got you covered.

The Champions family have worked closely with Pink Car Leasing, to manage a wide range of celebrities for their brand campaigns. Our team thoroughly enjoyed watching the latest video from our collaboration, and we know you will too! Do not miss Pink Car Leasing’s star-studded 12 Days of Christmas sing-along.

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Megan Lupton
Content Executive

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