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Seven Things About Comedians That May Surprise You...

In many ways, stand-up comedy is the hardest job in the entertainment industry. Standing in front of a large crowd armed with nothing but a microphone and some memorised jokes, for a lot of us the prospect sounds horrendously nerve-wracking.

However, comedy is big business with the likes of Michael Mcintyre, Mickey Flanagan and Jimmy Carr entertaining audiences all over the world every year.

You may think that you know everything you need to about the world of comedy, after all, it’s just being funny right? Wrong.

There is so much more to comedy than simply reciting jokes over and over again. Here at Champions Music & Entertainment, we have compiled a list of some of the things you might not know about comedians.

They Never Stop Writing

One thing comedians have to be is relatable. A lot of the material they produce comes from things that happen to them in their everyday life and it takes a lot of talent to make the mundane seem hilarious. This means that they need to constantly keep writing new material to ensure that there set does not become boring or outdated to audiences.

Writing Jokes

Don’t be surprised if they exaggerate

Whilst it is true that a lot of the material they produce does come from their own lives, don’t be surprised if they exaggerate these stories to get the full impact on their audience.

A lot of comedians have an onscreen persona which means often some of the anecdotes they share may be exaggerated, have happened to people they know or simply not be true at all.

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They Hate Hecklers

We’ve all seen the funny videos of a comedian responding to a heckler and often coming out on top. They may seem amusing when a comedian uses their quick whit to shut down someone interrupting their set but in actual fact comedians hate it. Interrupting their expertly written and well-rehearsed sets is extremely irritating!

Repeating Jokes Is Part Of The Job

Everyone has a famous comedian and very often can identify their favourite joke from this comedian. One that sticks in your head and gets laughs time and time again. In simple terms, this is why they do repeat their most popular jokes.

If it works well and gets results, then why change it? It might seem lazy but repeating a joke doesn’t mean that they stop writing new material, and very often these jokes are adapted and changed over time as well.

They Get A Buzz Out Of Making Your Laugh

It might seem obvious to say, but the main motivation behind every comedian is making their audience laugh. A lot of the time it takes comedians a long time to make it to the top having to perform at some less than impressive venues along the way.

Despite this, laughter remains the same whether it is two people in a grimy club or thousands in a sell-out arena. This is what comedians live for and what makes them so dedicated to their job.

Comedy Show

They Are Always Observing Their Audiences

The most successful comedians have told their jokes time and time again, knowing what works and what doesn’t.

However, when it comes to really discovering whether a joke has been a hit or not the best way is to observe an audience’s reaction.

If they are telling a joke for the first time, then they will be fully concentrated on every aspect of the reaction. This includes how big a laugh it gets and the pause between the joke being delivered and the laugh itself.

Whether the reaction is positive or negative, the comedian will then go away and try to figure out a way to adapt, change and ultimately improve.

A Lot Of Them Have Paid To Perform

This again goes back to the point that aspiring comedians having to start at the very bottom on their journey to the top.

A lot of the time, comedy clubs require comedians to pay to perform, especially if they are unknown. This means that if they are to be a success then comedians need to be extremely dedicated to their craft.

They need to take their opportunity when it comes and ensure that they are constantly producing new material to make it in a highly competitive industry.

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