Why Choose A Winter Wedding? (& How to Entertain Guests If You Do)

Nick Darby
Booking Agent
Why Choose A Winter Wedding? (& How to Entertain Guests If You Do)

While summer has long been the traditional season for weddings, winter is catching up with us and here is our argument for breaking with tradition and entertaining your guests with a glorious, elegant and 'very British’ winter wedding.

1. It's spontaneous

As lovely as summer weddings truly are, a winter wedding strikes us as being more spur-of-the-moment, artsy and romantic. It seems to shout out, ‘we love each other and will prove it by marrying each other, whatever the weather.’

Not knowing what is in the air, what to expect can add a real air of unexpectedness to your big day. Come rain, come shine – you won’t be thinking about the perfect weather, because you simply won’t care what it is.

2. You can bring light to the dark sky

The dark rolls in faster on winter evenings, which makes fire, lanterns and lighting a real favourite at winter weddings.

A light show alongside a top-level DJ set can be an exciting addition, while something different like fire breathers and acrobats can warm up your winter.

And for a truly memorable, romantic evening, a dramatic firework show is what winter was made for.

3. Everything is cheaper

In prime wedding season- prices hike up. You may be stressed out because your venue is not available for your dates, your favourite musician is in Ibiza, your caterers want an extra arm and leg and the church bells seem like they will never ring.

Avoid the sky-high prices and the stress of not affording your dream wedding by moving it to the winter season.

Keep it away from Christmas though for the best winter wedding deals!

4. You can have a classy, warm drinks reception

A laid-back drinks reception with warm winter drinks like mulled wine can make for a relaxing addition to your wedding day.

A sophisticated occasion with a versatile cover band is often popular, as they can move between slow tempo and upbeat music hits with ease, to take your party from day into night.

Grab some inspiration with our 5 festive cocktail recipes.

5. It’s comfortable

With everyone dressed up in their best clothes; suits, dresses, hats, make-up and such, moving from chapel to venue – your friends and family are likely to get sweaty in the summer.

This can lead to irritation in some sections, especially if paired with nerves that surround a big day. A winter wedding will guarantee a milder return on weather, therefore keeping your guests comfortable all day.

6. The little things

A winter themed wedding is a chance to get creative with the little aspects of your wedding. The outdoors will have a different look and feel than in summertime, which can make for some amazing winter wedding photos.

Whether there is mist in the air, fallen leaves, snow, sun or rain – the background can mean unique moments that will have you realising your dream wedding was a winter wedding all along.

Back inside, the warmth of an open fire and smooth jazz band or classical collective can give your wedding a striking elegance.

Think about all the different flowers that bloom in the winter too; the plum pinks and the snowdrop whites.

7. A unique look

We have seen winter wedding scarves and gilets become a much-loved addition to winter wedding outfits in recent times.

These furry garments can fit neatly over the shoulders and arms to keep the bride and bridesmaids from catching a cold as well as proving to be a true fashion statement, here is a great article explaining what to wear for your winter wedding

8. It's rare. How many people do you know having a winter wedding?

If you want something fresh to excite your friends in the ‘off-season’ – a winter themed wedding is perfect. Much more rare than a summer wedding, guests may never have been to a wedding in winter before.

This means your friends and family will likely have eyes only for yours and really look forward to this surprising treat.

Find the sun

In sharp contrast to our last entry, we acknowledge that some people are just happier in the heat. If that is the case, you can take your wedding abroad and still book leading wedding entertainment to make your special day extra special.

If you have been swayed by our winter wedding ideas and have decided that a winter wonderland wedding theme is in fact, perfect for you, nothing is to stop you picking up that winter sun on a honeymoon abroad. So many options…

Why choose Champions?

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With thousands of amazing music acts on our books, we can recommend and pair you with leading wedding bands, wedding DJs and more.

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