Eurovision Song Contents Overhauls Voting Process

New rules have been announced for the Eurovision Song Contest in the biggest change to voting since 1975.

In previous years each country’s jury and public votes were combined and announced in one go, but now the votes will be split with each country’s jury vote cast first, and votes from viewers in all countries combined and announced at the end.

The winner used to be known for up to 20 minutes before the end of voting, but now organisers say this will create a “dramatic finish” as the winner will be only be revealed at the very end.

“This format change will inject a new level of excitement into the finish of the Eurovision Song Contest,” said Martin Osterdahl, executive producer for this year’s show.

At Champions Music & Entertainment we are proud to have not one, but two Eurovision Song Contest acts on our books.

One such band is Blue, who represented the United Kingdom at the 2011 edition with the song “I Can”. One of Britain’s best loved boybands, the quartet dominated charts all around the world in the early 2000s with songs like “Too Close”, “All Rise” and “Fly By”.

We also boast the talents of Andy Abraham, who competed for his country in 2008 with funky ditty “Even If”. The singer-songwriter was runner-up in the 2005 series of The X Factor and has enjoyed success on these shores for over a decade.

To book Blue or Andy Abraham to perform at your event or to appear on your show to discuss their time representing their nation at Europe’s biggest musical bonanza, contact Champions Music & Entertainment directly on 0207 078 78 76 or complete the online form.