Top 10 Hilarious Comedians Guaranteed to Entertain at Your University

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Roisin Conaty

Get ready to embark on a laughter-filled journey as we introduce you to some of the most hilarious and charismatic comedians in the industry. From stand-up comedians to ventriloquists and witty panel show stars, these comedic talents will keep you entertained from start to finish. Prepare to burst into laughter as we dive into the world of comedy excellence!


Who are the most popular comedians to hire for university events?

Our booking agents have compiled a list of the most popular comedians, ranked from one to ten and based on client testimonials from thousands of events. These outstanding acts are perfect for university events, as their quick wit and down-to-earth personalities will instantly connect with students.

1. Hugh Dennis

Hugh Dennis, the master of deadpan comedy, is a household name thanks to his hilarious performances on shows like Would I Lie To You? and Have I Got News For You. With a background in Cambridge University's Footlights Society, Hugh honed his comedic skills early on. He's not just a stand-up comedian; he's a versatile entertainer, having succeeded in radio, television, and even as an actor in sitcoms like Outnumbered and Not Going Out. Hugh’s unique blend of humour and his wealth of experience makes him an ideal choice for university events, guaranteed to bring laughter to your audience.

"Hugh seemed to go down a storm, he was getting lots and lots of laughs when he did his 20 mins free-style at the beginning. He checked some content with us before-hand, which was sweet, as we don’t usually have that. He was respectful of the awards and the script, and kept to it very tightly! He was a joy to have on the table and they enjoyed his company." - BCSC

Did you know? According to The London Theatre, Hugh Denis was interviewed by MI5 while studying at Cambridge – he’s not just a funny comic, he’s spy material!

2. Nina Conti

Nina Conti is not your average comedian; she’s a ventriloquist extraordinaire! Her comedy act, featuring the cheeky chimp Monk the Monkey, is a hit at corporate functions and comedy festivals. Nina’s talent for puppetry and her brilliantly written stand-up comedy make her a standout entertainer. Her diverse career spans from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to award-winning TV appearances, including Black Books alongside comedy greats like Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey. Nina Conti’s unique blend of comedy and ventriloquism is a surefire way to add some extra flair to your university event.

"Excellent performance from a very talented lady. She managed to keep a crowd of 860 guests quiet and entertained for almost 25 minutes! Result - well done! We would recommend her act to anyone. She's brilliant.” - The Construction Manager of the Year Awards 2011

3. Roisin Conaty

Roisin Conaty is a comedic force to be reckoned with, known for her stand-up prowess and character comedy. Her versatility as an entertainer shines through as she seamlessly switches between roles. From her Edinburgh Comedy Award win to appearances on popular shows like Taskmaster and Man Down, Roisin’s star has been steadily rising. Her charm and comedic talent make her a fantastic choice for university events, and her work on shows like Impractical Jokers and Man Down proves she can captivate any audience.

To enquire about Roisin Conaty for your event, contact a booking agent

"Conaty's experience with a variety of club nights and open spots shows in her easy interaction with the audience and her storytelling. She's not really telling jokes, she's just chatting to you about a thing that happened on a bus, or an incident in an office, or a failed chat-up attempt at a party, but she tells these stories so well that you don't even notice the hour go by... " - Edinburgh Fringe

4. Brian Blessed

Prepare for an unforgettable experience with Brian Blessed, the actor, explorer, and all-around entertainer. His booming voice and boisterous personality are instantly recognisable, making him a hit on British comedy and panel shows. Brian’s career spans over five decades, with roles in iconic films like Flash Gordon and TV classics like Blackadder. His comedic storytelling and larger-than-life personality have made him a hit on Have I Got News for You? and in charity challenges like trekking to the top of Kilimanjaro. Brian Blessed is a true entertainer who can bring a fresh, fun, and unforgettable performance to your university event.

"Brian was an absolute pleasure to work with! He is the kindest, most interesting man I think I’ve worked with to date!" - LADbible

5. Alex Brooker

Alex Brooker is not just a comedian; he’s a trailblazer in the world of mainstream media. As a co-host of The Last Leg, the first-of-its-kind comedy panel show featuring an amputee, Alex has broken down stereotypes and inspired audiences worldwide. His likable personality and relatable comedic style make him a captivating speaker and entertainer. Whether interviewing politicians or appearing on The Jump, Alex’s charm and confidence resonate with audiences. His story of perseverance is both inspiring and humorous, making him an ideal choice for university events.

"All went well, thanks for your help in arranging the event and liaising with Alex. Please pass on our thanks to him, we’ve had some really positive feedback internally from those who attended the event." - Holly, Merkle

6. Milton Jones

Milton Jones is more than just his iconic untamed hair; he’s a renowned British comedian with a talent for one-liners and deadpan delivery. His stand-up tours consistently sell out, showcasing his unwavering popularity. Milton’s witty wordplay and puns have made him a staple on comedy panel shows like Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo. His comedic voice is synonymous with Radio 4, and he’s even ventured into writing and publishing. Milton’s adaptability and hilarious content make him a fantastic choice for university events, whether as a host or the star of the show.

"When my clients ask for a unique comedian, I immediately recommend Milton Jones. His witty one liner jokes and captivating stage presence – despite his awkward persona – makes him a crowd favourite. If you need an unforgettable comedian, don’t miss Milton Jones." - Champions Booking Agent

7. Hal Cruttenden

Hal Cruttenden is an international comedy megastar, known for his versatility in the stand-up scene. His live performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and across the UK have consistently sold out. Hal’s bold delivery and relatable humor appeal to audiences of all demographics, making him a sought-after comedian for live gigs worldwide. With appearances on Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, and Have I Got News for You, Hal has made his mark in comedy media. His background in acting and writing further showcases his talents, making him a top choice for hosting and presenting at university events.

"A quick note to say just how great Hal was at our event yesterday! Absolutely smashed it, had us all in stitches and I had some VERY positive comments about him from our audience. Please let him know we thought he was great." - Sarah-Jane, Head of Communications, ManpowerGroup

8. Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne has become one of the UK’s favorite entertainers, thanks to his quick wit and adaptability. Known for his storytelling style of comedy and sarcastic humor, Ed has appeared on popular shows like Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You, and Would I Lie to You? He’s a versatile comedian who can deliver relatable gags that resonate with audiences. Ed’s charm, talent, and relevance make him the perfect comedian for a variety of events, from charity fundraisers to corporate gatherings. Whether performing a stand-up set or serving as a special guest, Ed Byrne guarantees laughter and a memorable experience.

"Ed was fantastic! Our guests really enjoyed his set. It was good that he was able to stay around for a bit afterwards to network too. Thanks again for your help sorting this." - Bethany, Marketing Executive, Close Brothers Motor Finance

9. Dom Joly

Dom Joly is a leading comedian and TV personality who has entertained the British public for decades. Best known for Trigger Happy TV, Dom’s hidden camera pranks brought laughter to millions. He’s also been a contestant on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and The Island with Bear Grylls. Dom’s wit extends beyond television; he’s a travel writer, columnist, and author, making him a well-rounded entertainer. Dom Joly’s comedic talents and unique story make him an ideal choice for corporate events, where his humor and anecdotes will leave audiences in stitches.

"Dom was really well received by the audience and fellow panellists alike... his presentation was very funny and anecdotal, which the audience responded well to- we were particularly pleased to discover that Dom actually went to school with Christopher Nolan!" - Sky Movie Debate

10. Dominic Holland

Dominic Holland is a British comedy stalwart, known for his quick wit and observational humor. With a career spanning TV, radio, and stand-up comedy, Dominic has become a versatile entertainer. His charm and attention to detail hold his audience captive, and he’s known for his ad-lib skills during shows and presentations. Dominic won the Perrier Award for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and his numerous TV appearances, including Have I Got News For You and The Royal Variety Performance, showcase his comedic prowess. Whether hosting events, presenting conferences, or delivering after-dinner speeches, Dominic Holland’s humor and charisma are sure to leave a lasting impression.

"The event was a big success, and the awards dinner went really well. It was good to meet Dom and his set was spot on. He was excellent at responding to the audience banter and hosting the actual awards and kept the energy going. He controlled things well and was very professional and courteous off stage." - Maria, Projects & Events Manager, WSA

Can these comedians tailor their acts to suit my university’s theme or audience preferences?

Absolutely! Many comedians are versatile and can customise their acts to align with your university’s theme or cater to specific audience preferences. It’s essential to communicate your expectations and preferences during the booking process. This way, the comedian can craft a performance that perfectly suits your event and leaves your audience in stitches.

How can I book one of these comedians for my university event?

Booking one of these fantastic comedians is easier than you might think! Simply reach out to one of our booking agents either via our online contact form or by calling 0203 7934042. They’ll guide you through the process, discuss availability, and provide you with all the details you need to make your event a hilarious success.

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