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Is Manchester Really The UK's Capital Of Music?

Manchester UnitedCoronation Street and the worker bee are all things you would associate with Manchester and the city have recently been awarded a new title. In a recent survey, event ticket sales distribution company Ticketmaster announced that Manchester is officially the ‘music capital of the UK’ with seven music venues on offer for every 100,000 people.

Over the years the city has produced a whole host of fantastic bands and musical acts and they overcame 60 other cities to be named the music venue capital of Britain. Brighton and Perth were joint second place in the survey, and here at Champions Music & Entertainment, we take a look at what makes Manchester such a popular location for the world of music.

Popular Artists From Manchester

Whilst the popularity of certain artists and genres may have changed over the years, one thing that has remained consistent is that Manchester regularly produces world-class talent. Over the years this has included:

The Bee Gees

The early 70s saw the emergence of The Bee Gees, whose line-up consisted of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Over the years they released 22 studio albums and saw a whole host of their singles go to number one. The band remained popular for decades and their last album was released in 2001. Despite the death of his two brothers, Barry continues to tour as a solo artist singing The Bee Gees greatest hits.

The Bee Gees

The Smiths

As the 80s rolled in, rock music was gaining more popularity in the UK which lead to Manchester seeing The Smiths hit the music scene. Regarded as ‘the most influential British guitar group of the decade’ all four of the bands’ studio albums reached the top two in the UK Album Charts. The band split in 1987 but their music is still adored by fans across the world to this day.

The Smiths

Joy Division

By the 1990s Manchester had gained the nickname ‘Madchester’ due to the dance club scene that had become prominent in the city. Bands such as Happy MondaysInspirational Carpets and The Stones Roses began to rise in popularity, but there was still a place for the 80s rock bands. These included Joy Division whose two studio albums topped the UK Indie charts. So popular were the band that in 2011, over 30 years after the band split when lead singer Ian Curtis died, they have had commercial success with greatest hits albums.

Joy Division


Perhaps the band most synonymous with Manchester is Oasis. Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel were at the forefront of the UK’s Britpop scene in the 90s and have sold millions of records all over the world. In 1996 they performed two gigs at Knebworth to an audience of more than 125,000 making it the largest outdoor concert in UK history.

More than 2.5 million people applied for tickets making it the highest demand for any show ever in the UK. The band released seven UK albums which all went to number one, and they also had eight number one singles. The group split in 2009 following a high-profile fall out between the brothers, but both still regularly perform Oasis hits to huge audiences.


Manchester's Best Music Venues

With the Ticketmaster study discovering there are seven music venues for every 100,000 people in Manchester, the city is renowned for its popular music venues.

These include huge locations such as the Manchester ArenaO2 Apollo Manchester and football club Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium who regularly see the world’s biggest artists performing there in front of thousands of people.

The city isn’t only home to large venues but has several smaller and independent locations which are equally as popular amongst revellers. This includes The Deaf Institute in the city who help those who are either completely or partially deaf enjoy music.

The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Manchester’s premier concert location is the Bridgewater Hall which boasts an outstanding 250 performances a year. From classical music to global superstars, they are extremely versatile in the type of music they display.

The UK is blessed with hundreds of excellent music venues but Manchester is truly unique. This was demonstrated with the One Love Manchester concert which took place in June last year.

Following the horrific terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena which saw 22 people lose their lives and hundreds more injured, the benefit concert saw the people of Manchester come together and raise over £17million for the cause.

An area known as the Northern Quarter is considered the cultural and musical heart of Manchester which includes other venues such as Band on the WallThe Roadhouse and The Night and Day Café.

The Northern Quarter

All of these features have contributed to Manchester being crowned ‘music capital of the UK’ and you can be sure that many new acts are waiting in the wings to see the city continue this musical legacy in the future.

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