The Benefits Of A Live Performance Over A Playlist

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Event Entertainment: The Benefits Of A Live Performance Over A Playlist

When making a decision on event entertainment it is important to consider all options. Irrespective of whether your event is a corporate occasion or a social gathering with friends and family, your aim is for people to enjoy themselves- something that entertainment plays a huge part in.

Since the development of technology and the introduction of streaming services in recent years, playlist’s have become a common theme at events in place of live music and DJs. However, despite the ever-growing popularity of playlists, here at Champions Music & Entertainment we are passionate about live performances.

Below, we have compiled a list of reasons why live performances should take pride of place over a playlist:

1. Create atmosphere:

Though a playlist may allow you to choose all of your favourite songs, there is nothing quite like live music. Like attending a football game or racing circuit, you will never get the same atmosphere from a mobile device as witnessing the real deal live. 

Here at Champions Music & Entertainment, whether you are looking for a solo artist, band or tribute act, our roster of acts are always committed to keeping audiences thoroughly entertained. Getting audiences up on their feet and dancing in ways a playlist is unable to, a live performance has the ability to create that energy and an atmosphere which a playlist simply can’t achieve.

Take a look at this live performance from one of our talented bands, The Black Sheikhs

2. Audience interaction:

Your guests or audience should always be the focus of every event, and ensuring their enjoyment is key to the event's success. When booking live entertainment for an event, the performers can interact with the audience, which makes for a far more enjoyable event- something that a playlist simply cannot achieve. 

Live acts are able to give shout outs, communicate with audience members and even take their performance off stage and into the audience itself. Whilst these elements may seem small and insignificant, in reality, they could actually be hugely important and give your event a real boost.

See below an example of interactive live entertainment, the Singing Waiters!: 

3. Saving Time: 

Whilst making your own playlist may seem like fun, this can be a time-consuming task when you have hours of time to fill at your event. By booking a musician or wedding band, you save plenty of time that could be much better used to organise other aspects of your event.

There is also the worry that your event location will not have sufficient sound systems to play your playlist, where a professional live performer will have all they need to make your event a roaring success. From full LED lighting to top of the range speakers and musical instruments, our roster of performers uses the best equipment to entertain your guests. 

Leave it up to the professionals and have an entertainer like Katy Ellis perform at your event!: 

4. Personalisation:

Whilst a playlist allows you complete control of the music, a live performer uses their natural creativity to adapt their sets to your specific event.

With a playlist, the song list is already decided and your audience may not enjoy the selection you have made. A live performer is able to use their own judgments on what song to play next, or alternatively, they can allow the audience to put in requests for them to play. Not only does this satisfy your guest with their own favourite songs, but it also increases audience interaction and a better atmosphere. 

Not only does having a live performer give your event a personal touch, but it also gives you as the host more time to enjoy the event personally- limiting the time you must spend organising. Our acts are top professionals and so make sure that they know the ins and outs of your event, running the entertainment without a halt and leaving all with a memorable experience. 

Another of our talented bands who are able to personalise their set for your event, the Empire Roaming Band!:

Interested in booking? 

If you are interested in booking any of our talented live bands, singers or entertainers please contact Champions Music & Entertainment by emailing [email protected] or by calling us on 0203 793 4042 today! 

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