The Office Christmas Party: 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Preparing Now

Megan Lupton
Digital Copywriter
Office Christmas Party

Some may say that July is too early to talk about Christmas, but trust us, it will be worth it. From better venue options to readily available caterers, organising the office Christmas party now will mean that you can sit back and enjoy the occasion by the time December rolls around.

Most importantly, booking early means that you will be able to secure the perfect act for the engagement, without having to compete with other frantic party planners. Party entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any event, so hire the best entertainer early before other businesses beat you to it.

Take a look at our selection of the top 10 party bands for corporate occasions, to find your perfect entertainment act.

1. Free Schedules

Anyone who has planned a party knows this feeling. You send out the invitations, and then pray that enough people RSVP so your big party doesn’t dwindle down to a handful of people making awkward small talk around a punch bowl. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, so why not send out the invitations early?

Even a ‘save the date’ can be enough to secure a jam-packed guestlist. Send the invites early to avoid the dreaded; “sorry, it’s my auntie’s husband’s sister’s party that day. Maybe next year!”.

2. Venue Options

The perfect venue is hard to find by the time November rolls around, with the best locations snapped up in the warmer months. Unless you have a place that you use annually, then travelling around to view the best options can be time-consuming and eat into your other planning priorities. Not to mention the site inspections and risk assessments that are required.

Planning early also means that you can research early, so find your desired location and start searching the internet sooner rather than later. If you leave booking the office Christmas party venue to the last minute, you will tempt disappointment when you can’t find somewhere you like.

3. Budget-Friendly

As soon as the festive season rolls around, those all-important Christmas themed decorations are going to double in price. But if you buy them early? Then you may even secure last season’s decor at a discounted price.

The Christmas period is notorious for being overpriced. It is like clockwork, once the first Christmas advert airs on television, stores start to increase their prices to capitalise on demand. So, beat the system by organising your food, entertainment, decor and venue early.

4. Morale Boost

There is nothing like the prospect of a party to raise morale in the office. As summer draws to an end - the days get shorter, the air turns colder, and the trees start to change - the atmosphere in an office can begin to shift too. So give your colleagues something to look forward to, to counter the post-summer blues.

Giving your colleagues a few months to prepare for the event has other benefits too. The company can suggest office Christmas party games and even request specific acts for entertainment. Build the excitement running up to the event by planning early!

5. Available Entertainment

From live DJs to talented tribute bands, no corporate Christmas party is complete without entertainment. However, such acts are hard to come by as they are commonly booked months before the Christmas period.

Once you have your date and venue secured, turn your attention to finding the best party entertainment. At Champions Music & Bands, we have a wide range of corporate entertainment perfect for office Christmas parties, from comedians to solo artists, and even something different! These award-winning acts are the best in the business; talented, dedicated and eager to entertain.

Christmas office party planning can be a stressful affair, so follow this guide to ensure that you enjoy the occasion just as much as your colleagues do. To avoid disappointment, book the party entertainment early by contacting one of our booking agents.

Book a Christmas Party Act To book a top-class performer for your office Christmas party, contact the Champions Music and Entertainment agency via our online contact form or by calling one of our booking agents directly on 0207 0787876.