Why Choose a Dance Act for Your Event?

Whilst there are more traditional forms of entertainment for an event in the form of bands, a speaker or even a comedian, booking a dance act to perform is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

But why we hear you ask? Well there are a number of reasons so we thought it best to create this short post as to why for your next event a dance act could be the entertainment choice you have been looking for.


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There’s nothing like something different to grab the attention of the guests at your event so, as they are waiting for the evening’s entertainment, expecting one of the usual acts they see everywhere else, why not blow them a way with a bit of variety in the form of dancers.


On opting to go for a dance act, you have a fantastic choice available to you in terms of style of dance. From traditional ballroom dancers to the modern street dance style, dependent upon the type of event, the guests you have in attendance and of course personal taste, there is an abundance of choice available in relation to the type of dance act you go for.

Kevin & Karen Clifton

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An event needs to have an atmosphere to be remembered for what you want it to be. With a lack of atmosphere, you’ll likely find an increasing number of guests make their excuses and scuttle off early, leaving your venue half full and those left looking at their watch to see when it’s also acceptable to leave.

The excitement surrounding what is to come and the introduction of a dance act can however maintain the atmosphere from start to finish of your event as guests anticipate their arrival before being blown away by their performance and then wanting to get up on the dance floor and do the same once the routine is complete.


If you are running an event whereby you want to make a positive impression on those in attendance, a high calibre dance act can showcase your level of professionalism perfectly. This high end entertainment act will put on a show that lives long into the memory, showing those you may want to do business with that you and the company you represent really do mean business and will put on a show to achieve the best no matter what.


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It’s not every day that you get to see professional dancers perform right in front of you. Whilst you might watch them on TV or see them at a distance in a show, imagine the memories that will be created for your guests by seeing the best in the business do their thing just a few yards away.

The intricacies of their footwork, the showmanship, the connection between movement and sound; just a few of the features an audience will get to enjoy close up with the addition of a dance act to your event schedule.

The benefits that come with hiring a dance act are difficult to match and whilst it might not be an entertainment choice you had considered previously, we’re confident you and your guests won’t be disappointed in the end result.

If we’ve convinced you to go for dancers at your next event, take a closer look at our available acts here before calling our team on 01509 85 29 27 to discuss everything in greater detail.

I wanted to say a massive big thank you for helping us book Gregg Wallace.  Your service prior to event was fantastic, very helpful and patient indeed, so thank you. Would definitely work with you