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Sophie Wheeldon

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As a Celebrity Content Creator, Sophie Wheeldon is no stranger to rubbing shoulders with a star-studded line-up. She has worked with influential and famous figures from business, public speaking, music and more, to generate high-quality content and reach a wider audience.  

Currently completing her BA in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Bournemouth, she is well adept at producing guest posts, interviews and infographics, to name a few of her skills. And when she is not studying or working - she is writing! Sophie has written content for bridal magazines as well as for her own pleasure, sharing her time between content creation and sport.   

Sophie can commonly be found building close relationships with celebrities and public speakers, to better promote their expertise. When she is independently producing content, she specialises in event planning, entertainment, and such topics as leadership and wellbeing. Her content is widely accessible here at Champions Speakers, and post sharing sites like Medium.

Sophie Wheeldon
Sophie Wheeldon | 03rd December 2020
Virtual events, parties and concerts are the new norm, and rightly so. With their powerful ability to not only reach but impact audiences across the globe, and save money along the way, the advantages of organising an online occasion are significant…