Entertainment & Your Event: Finding The Perfect Match

Rachel Roark
Senior Booking Agent
Dominic Holland

When it comes to planning an event, it can be difficult to figure out which entertainer is a perfect fit for the occasion. No two events are ever the same – variables that can differ themes, types of attendees, reasons for hosting the event and even things outside of the organiser’s control, like the weather.

Because of this, Champions Music & Entertainment has compiled a list of the best types of entertainment for your event, depending on the above variables and more.

Corporate and Business Events

Because any kind of business event can be a little stuffy at first, given the formality of the occasion, a comedian is a perfect choice to break the ice and lighten the mood – but stay clear of comics who rely on shock content, which could make things awkward around the venue. Dominic Holland is a great purveyor of light-hearted, cheeky comedy without the need to resort to obscenities.

As the night wears on, a cheerful party band or tribute act will get attendees onto the dance floor and seeing out the remainder of the event in style and with a smile. Make sure to pick one which fits the event’s main demographic – disco and funk bands, such as Urban Intro, are a good option that caters for attendees on either side of 40.

Charity Dinners

Unlike corporate events, which tend to be very formal – on the surface at least – charity dinners tend to be more easy-going and overtly fun, so a more risqué comedian like Alan Carr or Sean Lock would do just the trick.

When it comes to picking a music act for a charity dinner, former X Factor contestants like Andy Abraham or Sam Bailey will bring a dash of superstardom to the event – and with it media attention for the related charity.


There are hundreds of incredible bands and singers in the country who specialise in performing at weddings and will be able to gauge the crowd, convey the right emotions for the big day, and so on. Two of the finest on the market are Soul 'Kinda' Wonderful and the Rang-A-Tangs.

If you are planning to take the festivities into the early hours of the morning, experienced DJs like Dave Pearce will orchestrate the good times for your Ibiza style.

Beer Festivals

German beer festivals are becoming increasingly popular and most towns and cities will host their own mini-Oktoberfest, so if you wish to go down this route, a cheery party band like the Bierkeller Schunklers will provide the perfect background to a weekend of beer quaffing – complete with lederhosen and frauleins.


Nightclubs are the domain of upbeat electronic music, so a DJ is an absolute must to entertain a boisterous crowd who wants to let loose and have a great time. Perfect candidates for the booth include house music duo Basement Jaxx, or if you fancy something a little bit more urban, Trevor Nelson is the man for you.

If you have a large enough stage, then a dance troupe will raise the temperature of the crowd tenfold – Britain’s Got Talent legends like Flawless are well known by the nations as exhilarating acts. Alternatively, why not try something different? Leftfield entertainers such as fire artists Juggling Inferno will excite and mesmerise the attendees.