Why a Comedian Is Perfect For Your Wedding?

Rachel Roark
Senior Booking Agent
Why a Comedian Is Perfect For Your Wedding?

When it comes to your big day you want everything to be perfect. From the venue to the dress, getting the entertainment right is also an absolute must. Most people opt for a band or solo act to perform during their wedding reception, and whilst this is always a solid choice, a comedian could add something extra special to your wedding.

From world-renowned comedians like Michael McIntyre, to impressionists like Alastair McGowan and comedy tributes such as Ian Jones as Lee Evans, Champions Music & Entertainment has a whole host of incredible acts who are able to leave your wedding acts laughing long into the night.

We have compiled a list of reasons why a comedian can be the perfect choice for your wedding.

Personal To You

One of the best things about a comedian is that they are able to tailor their acts specifically to your wedding. Whereas with a musical act you are able to request songs and create a setlist, the majority of the time their act will already be set in stone. This is something you will not have with a comedian. Spontaneous and able to improvise they can quite literally change their act as it goes along. Always engaging audiences, participation with guests plays a key role in the majority of comedian’s acts.

Perhaps the best example of this is Nina Conti. A comedian and ventriloquist, Nina is famed for her range of puppets. With a unique act, a popular part of her performance is the hilarious masks she uses. Able to call on stage any member of your wedding party, by using these masks Nina is able to control everything they say! Resulting in a hilarious show. Booking someone like Nina as your wedding entertainment means you and your guests are sure to remember the night for years to come.

Keep Your Guests Entertained

It might sound simple but the one thing you want your entertainment to be able to do is exactly that – entertain. Quite often with wedding entertainment, there is band or singing playing in the background with people not really paying them very much attention. However, this is not a worry if you go for a comedian.

Able to keep the attention of any room, the list of comedians on our database are capable of entertaining all audiences. There is always a whole host of different people at your wedding. From your parents to lifelong friends and work colleagues, a comedian is able to bring everyone together in laughter in a fantastic celebration of your new marriage.

Something Different

Thousands of weddings take place in the UK every year and there is a risk that they can be a bit samey. Entertainment is usually music based and whilst there is nothing wrong with this, a comedian can add some variety to proceedings. Guests might not expect a comedian to be performing and it is a pleasant surprise for them when discovering a comedian is on offer.

With people attending their fair share of weddings during their lifetime, you can make yours stand out from the crowd by adding a hilarious comedian to the entertainment setup.

Here at Champions Music & Entertainment, we have an abundance of fantastic comedians on offer who can add a hilarious twist to your wedding entertainment. For booking information simply call us on 0203 793 40 42 or complete our online form and a member of our team will get back to you.

Rachel Roark
Senior Booking Agent

Job Role: Music and Entertainment Sales Executive

Rachel has been working in the TV and music industry since the late 90’s, where she started her career in the USA managing a 16 piece Motown band. Feet firmly back on her homeland, she has since been involved with Champions Music and Entertainment since its conception.