Lauren Perkins Headshot
Lauren Perkins | 30th June 2021
With summer packed full of festivals up and down the country, we have compiled a list of our top entertainers to add to your festival lineup!  
Megan Lupton
Megan Lupton | 21st June 2021
Corporate parties are a chance for businesses to let loose after a stressful period, celebrate their successes or give back to hardworking employees. Everyone loves a good party, but what element is usually the most memorable? The band. The…
Lauren Perkins Headshot
Lauren Perkins | 28th May 2021
Entertainment at an event is crucial, and one of the biggest choices is whether you have a playlist or a live entertainer to provide the soundtrack to your event. Take a look at our blog on why you should hire live entertainment for your event, and…
Joe Burton
Joe Burton | 13th April 2021
Themed parties are as popular as ever. From film and TV icons to sporting heroes, the possibilities are endless! But one theme that has been standing out from the rest is decade themed parties, which pay homage to the year someone was born,…