Cameron Huddlestone
Cameron Huddlestone | 15th August 2018
With 10 amazing summer party ideas, you can make your summer blast a roaring success. Inspire your guests with fun and themes and make the most of the warm weather today! 
Scott Skerritt
Scott Skerritt | 10th August 2018
For many, the Christmas party is one of the highlights of the corporate calendar, and an amazing theme can give it another level. In this blog, we set out 12 fun themes.
Nick Darby
Nick Darby | 27th July 2018
Festivals can be incredible, transcendental experiences or a hungover mess at a campsite. Follow this guide to stay safe and have the best time on your musical journey.
Jenny Roote
Jenny Roote | 24th July 2018
Champions have a whole host of classical musicians and acts on our roster who can wow audiences at every event they attend.