Top 10 Wedding Entertainment Acts to Hire for Your Big Day (Official List)

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Richard Jones

Introducing the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect wedding entertainment! Whether you dream of a day filled with elegance and grace or a party that keeps everyone on their feet, the right entertainment can transform your wedding into an unforgettable celebration.

From magical moments with a top-tier magician to serenades by a soul-stirring saxophonist and even dancing Stormtroopers, we have insider tips to help you book entertainment that will dazzle and delight your guests. Read on to discover how to make your special day truly spectacular!


Most Popular Wedding Entertainment Acts According to Client Testimonials

Using hundreds of client testimonials gathered by our booking agents, we have curated a list of the most popular wedding entertainment acts and rated them out of five stars. As 91% of wedding planning is done online, read our blog post and discover the perfect performer for your big day!

1. Richard Jones - Rated 5 Stars 

Richard Jones's masterful illusions bring a blend of intrigue and elegance to your wedding. As a Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle, he is the pinnacle of magical entertainment. Engage your guests with Richard's spellbinding tricks and interactive performances, ensuring your wedding day is as magical as the union it celebrates. Whether it's awe-inspiring stage acts or intimate close-up magic, Richard's performance will leave your guests talking long after the day is over.

See what clients have to say about Richard Jones:

"Richard was incredible. He brought so much more than just the show to the evening, particularly from my point of view organising. I felt reassured the whole way through and he is an absolute pleasure to work with – he felt like part of our crew if that makes sense. I’m secretly gutted I only got to work with him for a few hours, it was a lot of fun!" - Stewart Signs

2. Ellie Sax - Rated 4.5 Stars 

Transform your wedding atmosphere with the dynamic and enchanting performances of Ellie Sax. Graduating from the Royal Northern College of Music, Ellie excels in various musical styles, from soothing classical pieces to upbeat jazz and folk. Her energetic saxophone playing and charming vocals add a unique and vibrant layer to your wedding entertainment. Book Ellie to ensure your special day has unforgettable musical moments that resonate with elegance and excitement.

See what clients have to say about Ellie Sax:

"It was a FANTASTIC night for us! Ellie was phenomenal, as expected! And the teamwork between her and the DJ was seamless! Customer feedback has been phenomenal!" - Allen, PR & Entertainments Manager, Anthology NI Ltd

3. Boogie Storm - Rated 4 Stars 

Elevate your wedding entertainment with Boogie Storm, a dance troupe that brings a sensational and unique flair to any event. Famous for their stint on Britain's Got Talent, these performers donned Stormtrooper costumes to offer an electrifying performance that mixes dance and iconic imagery. Ideal for adding a fun, thematic twist to your wedding, Boogie Storm's routines are sure to captivate guests of all ages, making your special day both unique and memorable.

See what clients have to say about Boogie Storm:

"[Boogie Storm] was also really helpful in coordinating the performance and music with the AV team which helped everything go smoothly." - Care Sector Charity Ball

4. Mariachi Ole - Rated 4 Stars 

Bring the vibrant spirit of Mexico to your wedding with Mariachi Ole. This accomplished Mariachi band offers a lively and authentic musical experience, playing everything from traditional Mexican tunes to modern pop hits in a Mariachi style. Their performances are entertaining and a colourful addition to any wedding, ensuring your celebration is filled with joyous music and cultural flair that will delight your guests and make your day truly special.

5. Faith Tucker - Rated 4.5 Stars 

Add a touch of classical elegance to your wedding with Faith Tucker, a renowned operatic soprano whose voice captivates and enchants. A Britain's Got Talent standout, Faith offers performances that range from operatic classics to contemporary musical theatre, bringing sophistication and a profound musical presence to your special day. Her breathtaking vocals will provide a luxurious backdrop to your ceremony or reception, making every moment feel even more majestic.

See what clients have to say about Faith Tucker:

"Thank you to Champions for providing the services of the beautiful and amazing Soprano Faith Tucker. Faith always gives a 100% performance her beauty and her voice are sublime. We know that one day she is not going to be available for some of these local charity events as she is clearly destined for much bigger things in her career but whilst we have her we feel very privileged indeed. I have seen her perform several times now and each one is without exception a Top Class Performance!" - Laura, Lowesby Hall

6. Siren String Quartet - Rated 4 Stars 

The Siren String Quartet offers an exquisite musical experience with their electric and acoustic string performances. Trained at top music conservatories, these musicians perform a seamless blend of classical and modern music tailored to fit the theme and ambience of your wedding. Whether you want an electrifying stage show or soothing background music, the Siren String Quartet ensures your wedding is adorned with professional, elegant, and unforgettable musical elegance.

See what clients have to say about Siren String Quartet:

"We are thrilled by the performance of Sirens - I received so much positive feedback that it was a quality performance and our audience enjoyed it tremendously they were asking for more after the Sirens have finished! It is top class act, sensational! Please extend my big thank you to Sirens for a top class show and I hope to work with them again one day!" - PCMG, Dubrovnik

7. The Amazing Singing Waiters - Rated 4.5 Stars 

Surprise and delight your wedding guests with The Amazing Singing Waiters, an act that combines comedy and live music for a truly unique entertainment experience. Disguised as ordinary staff, they burst into song and comedy routines when least expected, adding a layer of fun and surprise to your celebration. Their interactive performances are perfect for keeping guests entertained and discussing your wedding for years.

See what clients have to say about The Singing Waiters:

"The Amazing Singing Waiters were fantastic they injected so much energy and atmosphere into our Christmas Party. Their waiters disguise really made their entrance a surprise which broke the atmosphere and bought the party to life. They had brilliant charisma and were true entertainers. The guests that attended said that it was the best works Christmas Party they had been to due to the entertainment!" - Lauren, St James’s Place Foundation

8. Naomi Violinist - Rated 4 Stars 

Naomi, a masterful violinist, brings versatility and excitement to your wedding with her ability to perform across various genres, including pop, Latin, and classical music. With a rich background in international performances and collaborations, Naomi tailors her music to enhance the atmosphere of your special day, ensuring each performance is personalized and memorable. Her elegant presence and exceptional musical talent make her an ideal choice for sophisticated, vibrant wedding entertainment.

See what clients have to say about Naomi Violinist:

"Naomi was the violinist for our wedding. She was responsible for all of the music during the day, including the ceremony, reception and first dance. We have to say that she is incredibly talented in her own right as a violinist. We gave her a list of songs to play and despite their contrasting styles she was able to play them in such stunning fashion. She was able to add layers to songs that you could not imagine. Her music created such a beautiful backdrop to the day and our guests loved it. She was also such a lovely person, and we can’t thank her enough for being part of our wedding. We would highly recommend her.” - Hayley & Chris, Bride & Groom

9. Sassy Steve - Rated 3.5 Stars 

Sassy Steve, a talented caricaturist, offers a unique and memorable addition to your wedding entertainment. He provides quick and beautiful caricatures that capture the essence of your guests with humour and a touch of glamour. Whether it's a whimsical portrait of the bride and groom or individual sketches of your guests, Steve's artwork serves as a wonderful keepsake from your special day, adding a personalized and fun element that everyone will cherish.

See what clients have to say about Sassy Steve:

"A big thank you for your fun, laughter and talent at our wedding. We absolutely love our drawing as it reminds us of so many great memories... thank you for making our evening reception the best ever!" - Mandy & Paul, Bride & Groom

10. Spark! - Rated 5 Stars 

Spark!'s LED drum performances bring a mesmerising blend of light and rhythm to your wedding. This group combines vibrant visuals with powerful drumming to create an electrifying atmosphere that will energise your guests. Their performances are customizable, matching the theme and energy of your wedding to provide a spectacular visual and auditory experience. Ideal for a lively reception, Spark! ensures your wedding celebration is vibrant and unforgettable.

See what clients have to say about Spark!:

"Spark was very well received by all our guests, and we had so many compliments on our choice of act. Spark offered something really unusual and unique which was part of their appeal, and we were very impressed by the quality of the act." - Eleanor, Chateau Impney

Do I need to provide anything for the entertainment act at my wedding?

Depending on the type of entertainment you book, you may need to provide certain amenities or equipment. This could include a dressing room, meals, breaks for the performers, and technical provisions like power outlets, lighting, and sound systems. Always discuss these requirements in advance with your booking agent to ensure the act can perform at their best and make your wedding day seamless and memorable.

How do I handle contracts and payments for wedding entertainment?

The short answer is: leave the logistics to us! Our job is to facilitate your booking so you can focus on the many other wedding planning requirements. Simply contact our team, discuss your requirements, and let us do the rest. We will generate all of the necessary paperwork, leaving you to enjoy your fantastic wedding entertainment act.

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This exclusive blog post was written by Joe Burton, who has accumulated official data and client feedback from 541 events held between 2019 and 2024.

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Music & Entertainment Executive

Since joining the Champions Music & Entertainment team in 2021, Joseph Burton has established himself as our all-around music expert, thanks to his eclectic taste. Joe regularly supplies his expertise on musical acts and entertainment for clients, having studied Theatre Arts at Nottingham Trent University. Among his other expert topics, Joe regularly books festival headliners and famous acts for clients across the globe, the most notable being Tom Walker and Madness. He also works closely with entertainers like Richard Jones and often recommends magicians for corporate and public event entertainment alike. 

For several years, Joe travelled the world as a Production Manager on cruise ships. The experience sharpened his organisational skills and spurred Joe’s passion for entertainment. Today, such skills benefit his clients, as Joe expertly coordinates talent of all genres and forms for their events. He is our resident technical expert and is quick to offer his guidance to event planners wanting to make their occasion stand out. 

When Joe is not connecting globally renowned acts for large-scale and intimate events, he plays the guitar. Regularly jamming with his fellow musicians, he lives, eats and breathes music; Joe is committed to his craft. Discover a selection of Joe’s articles below, which showcase his expertise. 

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