8 Outstanding Oasis Tribute Bands for Your Party or Event

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Oasis Tribute Band

What better way to celebrate the 90s music scene than with an Oasis tribute band? Considered one of the most iconic British bands ever, our tribute bands encapsulate the gritty style and raspy tones of Noel and Liam Gallagher. From corporate events to private parties, we have booked these bands for events of all shapes, sizes and styles. Find out what makes them so special in our latest blog post.


Who are the top Oasis tribute bands?

“I recommend Oasis tribute acts to my clients all the time, because why wouldn’t I? They are stand-out stars on stage! I know when I pitch one of these acts that they're going to deliver, both as professionals and performers. Knockouts every time.”

- Champions Booking Agent

8. Standing on the Shoulder of Oasis

Standing on the Shoulders of Oasis is a Manchester-based band that delivers the authentic live Oasis experience. Founded in 2012 by Ethan Berry and Matt Bennett as Liam and Noel, they prioritise nailing the sound over mimicking the look. With members who've graced stages at Glastonbury, this band, known for their accuracy and respect, guarantees an Oasis immersion. From Morning Glory to Little by Little, their setlist is an Oasis dream.

“What a great night, one of the best we have had. You really engaged the audience, and the atmosphere was off the charts, thanks lads. Can't wait to have you back.”

- Richard

7. Roll With It

Roll With It, formed in 2013, stands as one of the hottest Oasis tribute bands. Boasting over a decade of experience and a repertoire covering Oasis's albums and B-sides, they've honed their act to perfection. This five-member ensemble not only nails the sound but mirrors the iconic Oasis look. Having graced prestigious venues like Limelight 1 and Mandela Hall, Roll With It guarantees an unparalleled sing-along experience at your event.

6. Live Forever

Live Forever is the ultimate tribute to Manchester's legendary Oasis. Starting in local pubs, this passionate band now consistently sells out major venues and festivals worldwide, breaking records as the most-followed Oasis tribute on social media. With hits like Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova, Live Forever recreates the '90s magic, making audiences question if they've stepped back in time. Book them for an unparalleled Oasis experience that transcends the tribute scene.

5. The Madchester Experience

The Madchester Experience isn't just a tribute band; they're a time machine to a bygone era. With spot-on renditions of The Stone Roses, Oasis, Blur, and other icons, they recreate the '90s indie magic. The band offers a visceral journey to the heyday of Manchester's musical scene, complete with baggy clothes and attitude. The Madchester Experience guarantees an energetic and visually stunning trip back to the iconic sounds of the '90s.

4. Noasis

Noasis is the ultimate Oasis tribute, flawlessly recreating hits from all six albums with jaw-dropping precision. A Supersonic Show of the Very Best Oasis Anthems, they leave audiences convinced they're witnessing the real deal. This band is no stranger to sell-out shows and has toured the UK entertaining audiences with their indistinguishable renditions of Oasis classics. Book Noasis for an unmatched tribute that captures the essence of Manchester's supergroup.

3. Owaysis

Owaysis, founded in 2016, captures every nuance of Oasis with passion. Led by R Kidd channelling Liam's swagger, and Glenn Wainwright embodying Noel's quiet charm, they extend beyond the Gallagher brothers. The instrumentalists, mirroring Gem Archer, Andy Bell, and Chris Sharrock, craft the iconic Oasis sound. Described as Definitely Maybe the UK’s best tribute, Owaysis are dedicated to every detail, from attire to rhythmic drum rolls, making them a harmonious reincarnation of classic British rock.

2. Definitely Mightbe

Definitely MightBe, with 12 years of experience, is a popular band in the tribute scene. Ian Alcock's uncanny resemblance to Liam Gallagher, both visually and vocally, makes their performances akin to iconic Oasis gigs. With Paul Mitchell embodying Noel on guitar, Kevin Pyne on bass, and Pete Coppard on drums, their authenticity is unparalleled. From rock anthems to acoustic gems, Definitely MightBe paints a vivid picture of Oasis' success.

“Just want to say what a fabulous group these guys are, they put on a better show than the real thing! Very professional, very down to earth, focused on pleasing the crowd and we had a brilliant night. To anyone thinking of hiring these guys then you must, no words will be good enough to describe how good they were. We will definitely be having them back again in the near future.”

- Clare A

1. Oasish

Oasish is one of the most sought-after Oasis tribute bands in the UK. Comprising of Paul, Phil, Sam, Matt, and Jack, the band have shared the stage with music legends like Pete Townsend and Robbie Williams. Meticulously replicating Oasis in sound and appearance, from amps to iconic instruments, they've won Best Oasis tribute for two consecutive years. Versatile and engaging, Oasish ensures an epic performance of Oasis anthems.

“Yeah, he's alright man!”

- Liam Gallagher

3 Ways Oasis Transformed the Music Industry

1. Record-Breaking Debut: Definitely Maybe became the fastest-selling debut album in the UK, setting records and establishing Oasis as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

2. Awards Recognition: The Brit Awards honoured Oasis with Best British Group awards in 1996 and 1997, and in 2007, they received the Outstanding Contribution to Music award, underlining their enduring impact on the British music scene.

3. Record-Breaking Concerts: Oasis's historic concerts at Knebworth Park in 1996 set a record for the largest attended outdoor concert in the UK at that time, with over a quarter of a million people in attendance over two nights.

Source: Oasis Website

What types of events can an Oasis tribute band booked for?

Our outstanding Oasis tribute bands can be booked for a wide range of events, from corporate galas to private parties. With their indistinguishable vocals and stage, your guests will be wondering whether the real thing is on stage! To discover whether an Oasis tribute band is right for your event or receive suggestions from our booking agents, don’t hesitate to reach out.

How do I book an Oasis tribute band?

With Champions Music & Entertainment, booking an Oasis tribute band could not be easier. Get in touch by filling in our online form or give us a call directly at 0203 793 4042 to reach one of our booking agents.

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