Ultimate Guide To Organising A Corporate Event

Jenny Roote
Head of Leisure, Entertainment & Music
The Ultimate Guide To Organising a Corporate Event

When putting on an event of any kind, it is important that everything from top to bottom is executed to perfection. Whether it is a networking occasion, a pitch to potential clients or a business conference, corporate events are one of the most important things your company will conduct each year.

With this in mind, you need to ensure that every aspect of the event is at the highest possible standard from your event’s entertainment, down to the finer details. Here at Champions Music & Entertainment, we are experts at organising a range of corporate events and have created our own ultimate guide on how to make your engagement as effective as possible and help it to fulfil its potential.

1. Do Your Research

Planning is the first stage of any corporate engagement, and whilst you might feel like jumping straight into thinking about how your event is going to pan out, take a step back and do some research. Specifically, what sort of corporate event you want to conduct.

Research what kind of events are on offer by contacting agencies who organise them, by discussing your requirements with an expert it will help give you a clearer indication of what you want.

a. Choose Your Theme

As well as this, before anything else, there are a few key decisions you need to make. One of these is the event theme. A theme that will run throughout your event, by deciding on one of these it will make the whole experience more enjoyable for those attending.

The theme will also then decide whether your event takes place during the day or at night-time. Both options can be beneficial but often lend themselves to different types of engagements, so you need to be clear on what you want.

b. Decide on invites

As well as this you will need to decide on who is attending, and based on the event theme you should have a good idea of who to invite. This isn’t just simply selecting names of people you know out of your phone, more thought needs to go into this aspect of your event.

First of all, you need to ensure that the key people you want there will attend so you need to ensure that the date of your event is suitable for them. Normally it is better to select a date quite far in the future so that you can be sure of their availability, as well as the fact that the best venues get booked well in advance. Then make sure the invitation matches your theme, and leave plenty of time for RSVPs so you are able to inform caters of food that will be required.

Once you have made decisions on all of this, set yourself a budget so you know what finances you have to work with. Leave yourself plenty of room in this budget to achieve what you want and plan for any mistakes or unexpected costs that may arise along the way.

2. Hire an events team

Once you have decided on the events finer details it is time to execute it. Whilst you may think that this is the easy bit, there is actually plenty to do if you want to deliver your corporate event effectively. By hiring an expert team like the one at Champions Music & Entertainment, you will be able to sit back and relax as your event unfolds without having to worry about a thing.

Taking a bespoke and tailored approach to every event that we work at, any requirement you may need during the course of the engagement can be taken care of quickly and easily. By speaking through your vision for the corporate event prior to working with you, we can make sure that we provide you with the highest quality of service and facilitate any need you may have.

3. Other considerations

Now you have the foundations for your corporate event in place, it is time to think about the elements that will give it the wow factor. One of these is the venue. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to event venues but not all of these will be suitable for you.

As well as being able to compliment your events theme, you should also think about capacity when selecting your venue. You don’t want a location that looks empty or one that means your guests will feel overcrowded so be sure to visit potential venues in person to gauge if it is the right fit for you.

a. Corporate entertainment

Next, all good corporate occasions will offer excellent event entertainment options and you will require someone that will compliment your theme.

From solo artists with stunning vocals, bands who can get everyone on their feet, and magicians who leave audiences in awe time and time again, we have selected some areas below which will complement your corporate event.

  • Famous Acts
  • Celebrity DJ’s
  • Party DJ’s
  • Something Different
  • Comedians
  • Magicians
  • Solo Artists
  • Tribute Acts
  • Indie and Rock Bands
  • Themed Bands
  • Acoustic Acts
  • Something Different

Champions Music & Entertainment is home to a whole host of event entertainment options which you can browse through at your leisure online.

b. Catering

Food is another extremely important factor in all corporate events. The last thing you want is for guests to be enjoying the occasion but then being let down due to some less than impressive food being served. Make sure you hire a catering team who is able to cater for the dietary requirements of everyone who will be in attendance.

Just like with other aspects of your event be sure to do your research and sample as many different food options as possible before deciding on your event caterers. Other things to keep in mind include transport, security and seating plans and once you have all of these things in place, your corporate event will be ready to go.

4. Post event

When your event has concluded and has been a success, you may think your work is done. However, the chances are you will probably be putting on other events at some point in the future and it is important to know what worked and what didn’t. The best way to discover this is by getting feedback from your guests. There are several ways you can do this. If you know you will receive honest and truthful feedback from people, then simply having a conversation with them after the event can give you some indications of what worked and what didn’t.

However, if you would prefer a more anonymous approach then why not try a suggestion box where people can include their thoughts. By gathering a range of views and opinions on the event it will better inform you of how to approach it next time you need to conduct a corporate event. Don’t think of it as criticism, but of a way to assist you going forward.

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Jenny Roote
Head of Leisure, Entertainment & Music

Jenny trained in Dramatic Art in London and then went straight into Entertainment Management and booking artistes both abroad and in the UK for top companies such as; RCI, The Tussauds Group, Butlins, Sun Cruises, Bourne Leisure, ATG, P&O Cruises, Thomson Gold Hotels and Above All Entertainment. She has a wealth of experience in entertainment.