Best 10 Lookalikes For Your Corporate Gala or Party

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Tim Oliver

Add a touch of glitz and glamour to your corporate gala with an indistinguishable lookalike. These celebrity impersonators have dedicated their careers to embodying a music, political or comedy icon through their physical resemblance and gestures. 

Considering that the odds of two people sharing similar looks stands at 1 in a trillion, we at Champions Music & Entertainment are thrilled with the range of lookalikes available to hire. As a lookalike agency, we have hand-picked some of the best lookalikes for your company event.

Top 10 Lookalikes Available to Hire for Corporate Events

Your corporate event guests expect a singer, band or even a magician, but would they expect a lookalike? Blow your attendees away with one of the uncanny entertainers below. 

  1. Ricky Gervais Lookalike
  2. Jeremy Corbyn Lookalike
  3. Marilyn Monroe Lookalike
  4. Chris Martin Lookalike
  5. Simon Cowell Lookalike
  6. Winston Churchill Lookalike
  7. Peter Kay Lookalike
  8. Annie Lennox Lookalike
  9. Harry Hill Lookalike
  10. Madonna Lookalike

Whether you have an entertainer in mind or are open to suggestions, contact a booking agent to hire the perfect lookalike for your corporate event. 

Tim Oliver

Ricky Gervais Lookalike

Tim Oliver doesn’t just look and act like Ricky Gervais; he has perfected the comedian’s unique wit and dry humour. Awkward yet charming, he is commonly booked as an awards host, event presenter or compère, where he entertains audiences from start to finish. Few lookalikes have been celebrated by their celebrity counterparts, but Ricky himself has praised Tim’s ability to capture his mannerisms. Tim is even the official Ricky Gervais impersonator on the Channel 4 show Lookalikes!

Graham Dougall

Jeremy Corbyn Lookalike

Graham Dougall is the perfect lookalike if you want to surprise your politically driven-event guests. Identical to Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour Party leader, Graham has become one of the top impersonators in the country. Combined with his instantly recognisable look, he can provide witty quips and a satirical commentary on current affairs—throwback to Corbyn-mania with this political lookalike.

Charley Toulan

Marilyn Monroe Lookalike

Effortlessly capturing the class of Marilyn Monroe, Charley Toulan looks, sounds and acts like the Hollywood actress. From Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend to I Wanna Be Loved by You, she effortlessly captures Marilyn’s sultry tones, iconic red lipstick, and blond hair. Charley can bring one of the most famous women of the 20th century to your event, whether she is performing with The Rat Pack is Back or as a solo lookalike.

David Jenkins

Chris Martin Lookalike

With his versatile singing voice and physical mannerisms, David Jenkins is unmistakably Chris Martin. Alongside his tribute band, Ultimate Coldplay, Dave won big at the 2018 National Tribute Music Awards, reflecting his stand-out success. This uncanny lookalike can meet and greet your guests, provide once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities and perform uncanny sets, including such hits as Viva La Vida and Orphans.

Andy Monk

Simon Cowell Lookalike

Deadpan, sarcastic and quick with a sharp retort, Andy Monk has perfectly captured Simon Cowell. Commonly booked for birthday messages and corporate events, he has appeared on The Rob Brydon Show, Celebrity Juice and even Britain’s Got Talent in front of Simon Cowell himself. With over 30 years on the DJ circuit, he is no stranger to the limelight, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Derek Herbert

Winston Churchill Lookalike

Transport your audience to the patriotic war-time era with Derek Herbert, the country’s leading Winston Churchill lookalike. Armed with scripted material and a historically accurate suit, this sophisticated character can deliver witty, empowering talks to captivated guests. Derek can perform as a musician or an event host, a testament to his all-encompassing lookalike act—book one of the nation’s pinnacle figures for your event with Derek.

Lee Lard

Peter Kay Lookalike

Commonly regarded as one of the most authentic lookalikes available to book, Lee Lard embodies Peter Kay’s genuine, down-to-earth, hilarious act. With his iconic Northern accent and situational comedy, audiences revel in Lee’s naturally hilarious personality. Over ten years, Lee has performed over 2,500 times on some of the most prestigious stages in the country, reflecting his circuit-leading comedy standard.

Stacy Green

Annie Lennox Lookalike

From Cher to P!nk and, of course, Annie Lennox, Stacy Green offers a celebration of music at events. Her skill is paralleled only by the icons of music themselves, while her show-stopping outfits dazzle audiences. Stacy can appear at meet and greets, provide photo opportunities for guests, and perform hits from one of the 100 Greatest Singers Of All Time, as described by the Rolling Stones. Book the 2011 Best Cher Tribute today!

Paul Burling

Harry Hill Lookalike

Regarded as one of the most unique comedians in British history, Paul Burling effortlessly captures Harry Hill’s wacky comedy. He soared through 2011 Britain’s Got Talent all the way to the final, where he impersonated Alan Carr, David Dickinson and, of course, Harry Hill. Talented, hilarious and a joy to witness live, indulge in silliness with Paul.

Jodie Jackson

Madonna Lookalike

Commonly known as Miss Madonna, Jodie Jackson is one of the best tribute artists in the country. Authentic and talented, she recreates Madonna’s iconic songs, costumes and choreography with ease, an act that has led to her performing at the IBM Conference, The Motion Bar on the Embankment and a tour in Japan. Your event deserves a Madonna lookalike recognised by The Agents’ Association of Great Britain!

Book A Lookalike

To book one of our indistinguishable lookalikes for your next birthday party, corporate event or concert, contact the Champions Music and Entertainment agency via our online contact form or call one of our booking agents at 0203 7934 042.

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