The Best String Quartets to Hire for Your Next Event

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If you are looking for the perfect combination of exceptional classical talent and zestful stage presence, look no further. String quartets are the perfect addition to any event with their range of talent and distinct sound.

Here at Champions Music & Entertainment, we have compiled a list of the best string quartets ranked on popularity. With their own flair and unique sound, find out who our most popular string quartets are and how to book one of our phenomenal musicians below!

What Is a String Quartet?

A string quartet is a musical composition of four string instruments, often a cello, viola and two violins each playing a different line of music at once. In the world of classical music, string quartets are the most popular and highly dignified genre of small ensemble music. Able to play arrangements of any song, classical, traditional and modern, our string quartets are an exceptional choice.

How Much Does a String Quartet Cost?

Depending on experience and their personal preference, you can find out the cost of a string ensemble by contacting one of our booking agents.

The Official List of the Most Popular String Quartets:

  1. Siren
  2. Silken Strings
  3. Escala
  4. Vesper
  5. Enigma
  6. Giardino Strings
  7. Blue Topaz Strings
  8. The Galaxy Dress


The Siren String Quartet are a group of glamorous musicians, who have received high praise across the world. The quartet comprises three violinists and one cellist, dedicated to performing both traditional symphonies and well-known crossovers. Another option that The Siren String Quartet offer is the accompaniment of background music or playing alongside a DJ set, suitable for a range of events.

"We are thrilled by the performance of Sirens - I received so much positive feedback that it was a quality performance and our audience enjoyed it tremendously they were asking for more after the Sirens have finished! It is top class act, sensational! Please extend my big thank you to Sirens for a top class show and I hope to work with them again one day!" - PCMG, Dubrovnik

Silken Strings

Unmatched with their classical pop crossovers, Silken Strings are a sophisticated trio with international acclaim. This all-female ensemble has played at Guildhall, supporting Paloma Faith and worked with many clients, such as Rolls Royce, also displaying their musical flair at the Royal Ascot, Rugby Cup Finals and the Olympics. Evidently a remarkable act, the Silken Strings have undeniable talent.

“Incredible!” – Sarah Charness, Electric Violinist


Finalists of Britain’s Got Talent 2008, Esacala are a revolutionary body of electric string players. Escala is Helen Nash on the cello, Stephanie Benedetti on the viola, Honor Watson and Victoria Lyon on the violin. Their most recent album, Quadrasonic, was released in 2016 including tracks Louder, Make You Feel My Love and Sweet Dreams, produced by musical figure Martin Glover, known as Youth.

“Perfect bowing, perfect notes, perfect tone & interpretation! I love this group!” - Frank


Bringing electrifying energy to classic string symphonies is Vesper. An edgy and enigmatic quartet, Vesper combines innovative ideas with music to give their audience a fresh take on the genre. Although they are based in London, Vesper has performed high-impact, versatile and vibrant sets across the world.

"Vesper were amazing thank you - both sets they played were perfect for the occasion and their professionalism and talent shone through! We have received some amazing feedback from our guests and I for one would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to add that extra bit of sparkle to their event." - Jacquey, Jump Consultancy


Enigma are one of the finest and most refined classical acts in the UK. Ideal for corporate events and chic parties, Enigma is a sophisticated group presenting classical musical and pop music. This female only quartet consists of a cellist, viola player and a duo of violinists. Performing at the O2 Arena and The Royal Albert Hall, Enigma is proficient in their talent.

"You were all very professional and played a big part in making our day most enjoyable. It will be the topic of our conversation for a long time to come." - Jonathan & Sue

Giardino Strings

The stylish string players in Giardino Strings present audiences with a memorable performance. Not only specialists in classical music, but Giardino Strings also specialise in Jewish, Bollywood, and electric styles of music. Experienced in their talent, Giardino Strings have performed at the likes of The Dorchester, Parliament and The Savoy. As a skilled and creative quartet, they are available for any occasion, able to perform for any audience!

“Beautiful music, excellent quality, flexible members. Fully recommend to make your day!” - Cheryl

Blue Topaz Strings

Elite in their craft, Blue Topaz Strings are a classical collective of four violinists and one cellist. This remarkable quartet is known to have worked with a variation of established clients, including The Dorchester, Kensington Palace and Her Majesty The Queen herself. With their tailored sound and fun renditions, this quartet is ideal for wedding receptions, private parties and corporate events.

“Your music was a sheer delight to listen to and the atmosphere you created made the wedding even more spectacular. Thank you again girls for helping to make our Wedding perfect!" - Louise

The Galaxy Dress

Unlike any other instrumentalist, Galina J presents the awe-inspiring act of The Galaxy Dress. Bringing vibrancy to all stages, The Galaxy Dress is visually enchanting with over 1000 LED lights installed in a stunning gown. Not only does her spectacular dress capture audiences, her emotive symphonies are unforgettable.

"Everyone was in awe of The Galaxy Dress, what an incredible performance!" - SAME Charity Foundation One & Only

How Do I Book a String Quartet?

Make your event one to remember by booking one of our elegant string quartets via the Champions Music & Entertainment agency today. Simply fill in our online form, email [email protected] or call us to book via 0203 79 340 42.

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