5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Talent Show Winning Act

Megan Lupton
Content Executive
Sam Bailey

British talent shows have produced some of the most recognisable acts available to book, with many winners going on to top the charts and tour the country. As relevant as their first audition, these performers are characterised by their passion, talent, and relatability, as they can authentically connect with audiences on a personal level.

Talent show winners are perfect for a wide range of events, from private corporate parties to after dinner functions, public festivals to charity fundraisers. With entertainment being one of the most essential elements of any event, it is important to book a top-class performer for your party or function.

At Champions, we have worked closely with the likes of Faith Tucker, Sam Bailey, and Andy Abraham, establishing ourselves as one of the country’s leading talent show booking agents. To book one of our UK talent show winners for your own event, simply give our team a call.

Which TV programmes have our talent show winners come from?

1. Talent

If there is one thing that unites every talent show winner, it is just that, their talent! These performers have been put through their paces week after week, singing, dancing, or entertaining their hearts out to remain the nation’s favourite. Such a journey has shaped them as professionals, honing their skills in trial by fire. When booked for events, these acts are guaranteed to entertain audiences with their unrivalled talent.

Book Sam Bailey

Need a talented act to wow your guests? Book Sam Bailey! This icon of The X Factor has carved a greatly successful career since her 2013 win, appearing on the stage, screen, and promotional campaigns for Pink Car Leasing. Sam’s passion for performing is clear from the moment she steps onto the stage, while her powerful vocals are sure to blow audiences away.

2. Variety

Though singers are a common sight on many reality television programmes, the format lends itself to a variety of performers. From acrobats to comedians, dancing dogs to magicians, the wealth of winning genres means that there is an act for every event. If you require something different, these performers have not just filled a gap in the market, but built their very own niche to thrive in. A talent show winner will surprise and delight audiences with their unique act.

Book Lost Voice Guy

Winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2018, Lost Voice Guy is redefining expectations one comedy show at a time. As the first comic to ever win the show, he is living proof that talent shows are not just for singers and dancers, but for performers of all varieties to break the mold. Born with cerebral palsy, Lee Ridley uses a communication aid to keep audiences in stitches with laughter.

3. Relatable

You will be hard-pressed to find a talent show winner who did not start out just like you and me. Harry Styles was a baker and Jessie Nelson from Little Mix was a bartender, just to name a few of the humble beginnings which shaped these superstars. With their relatable lives, these performers can connect with audiences on a personal level, ensuring that they leave a positive impression. When you book a talent show star, your audience will be enamoured with their likeable, authentic personalities.

Book Mo Jamil

Singer-songwriter, Mo Jamil, was crowned the sixth winner of The Voice in 2017. From humble beginnings, he quickly became the favourite on the show, with viewers falling head over heels for his soulful vocals. Mo’s infectious passion for performing resonates with audience members, while his down to earth personality nurtures an authentic connection.

4. Passion

Before finding fame on The X Factor or The Voice, these performers have probably heard more “no’s” than “yesses”. True to the nature of the industry, prospective stars must have enough passion for their craft to take criticism in their stride, a reflection of their dedication and spirit. When you book a talent show winner, you are booking a passionate performer, who lives, eats, and breathes their respective act.

Book Andy Abraham

A performer like Andy Abraham embodies the majesty of music. His infectious commitment to singing is sure to entice guests to the dance floor, resulting in an unforgettably entertaining party. Andy has since released multiple singles, albums and embarked on nationwide tours, a testament to his dedication. Infuse your event with a bit of swing and soul, with the “voice of the people”, otherwise known as Andy Abraham.

5. Rising Stars

When you book a talent show winner, you are booking an influential celebrity firmly set on a path to success. These rising stars are commonly more relevant than their chart-topping counterparts, as viewers will have followed their journey closely from the first audition to the final episode. Showing no signs of slowing down, hiring a thriving talent show star will make your event the talk of the town.

Book Diversity

Since wining Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, Diversity have gone on to become celebrities in their own right. Presenters, actors and, of course, award-winning dancers, true to their namesake the group have gone on to diversify their careers. This act has taken their BGT fame and built international careers, using the talent show as a springboard for lifelong success.

Hire a Talent Show Winner

To book a talent show winner for your special occasion or corporate events, simply contact the Champions Music & Entertainment agency via [email protected] or contact a member of the management team directly on 0203 7934 042.

Megan Lupton
Content Executive

Having completed a Masters in Creative Writing, Megan is found regularly contributing to the company blog, where she discusses everything from the latest socio-political news stories to self-improvement. Joining Champions Music & Entertainment in 2019, Megan is also responsible for a variety of creative content, like contributing to the online presence of those we represent across the website.