10 Popular Musicians for Festivals Across the World

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Fleur East

Festivals are a magical blend of music, culture, and unforgettable experiences, and the key to creating a memorable event lies in booking the perfect musicians. In this comprehensive blog post, we unveil a roster of remarkable artists who are ready to set your festival stage on fire. From chart-topping pop sensations to iconic rock bands, we've got it all covered.


Who are the most popular festival musicians?

We’ve compiled a list of the best festival musicians available to book, based on hundreds of client testimonials and our expert agent recommendations. This official list includes star ratings, so you know which acts are the most popular.

Tom Grennan

Agent Rating: 5 STARS

Tom Grennan, the chart-topping sensation, is here to electrify your festival! Following the massive success of his UK #1 album, Evering Road, which featured platinum-selling hits like Little Bit Of Love and By Your Side, Tom's talent is undeniable. With four UK Top 10 singles and three chart-toppers in 2022 alone, he's a force to be reckoned with. Don't miss out on the chance to have this powerhouse performer light up your festival stage.

Contact Champions Music & Entertainment to enquire about booking Tom Grennan for your event. 

The Kooks

Agent Rating: 4.7 STARS

Get ready for an unforgettable performance with The Kooks! This British pop rock sensation has carved out their unique sound, blending pop, reggae, rock, and ska influences. Their journey began in 2004, and since then, they've achieved multi-platinum success with iconic albums like Inside In/Inside Out and Konk. With hits like Naïve and Ooh La, they're a crowd-pleasing band. Book The Kooks for your festival and let their infectious tunes rock the stage!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Agent Rating: 4.3 STARS

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a music industry icon, is ready to grace your festival with her soulful voice. Her debut album Read My Lips propelled her to international stardom, selling over 2 million copies and producing top-three hits in the UK. Sophie's musical journey continued with hits like Sax and More and More. Secure a captivating performance by Sophie for your festival, and let her music touch the hearts of your audience.

Tony Hadley

Agent Rating: 4 STARS

Tony Hadley, the legendary British singer, is poised to elevate your festival experience. Known for his Spandau Ballet days and successful solo career, Tony has left an indelible mark on the music industry. From classics like Gold to modern hits, he's an iconic performer. Beyond music, Tony's versatility shines through stage performances, collaborations, and even TV appearances. Don't miss the chance to have Tony Hadley bring style and class to your event.

Fleur East

Agent Rating: 5 STARS

Fleur East is a versatile artist with a mesmerizing voice, offering R&B, hip-hop, soul, pop, and dance vibes. Her journey began with The X Factor and skyrocketed with hits like Sax and her performance of Uptown Funk. Fleur's music inspires self-love and acceptance, making her stage presence heartwarming. She's even taken on the challenge of Strictly Come Dancing and various performing roles. Book Fleur East for your event and let her dynamic performance light up the stage!

Did you know? According to Capital FM, Fleur's first appearance on The X Factor was in 2005 as part of the girl band, Addictiv Ladies. 

Scouting for Girls

Agent Rating: 4.8 STARS

Scouting for Girls, the chart-topping band is ready to energize your festival. Their debut album, Scouting for Girls, achieved multi-platinum status, featuring hits like She's So Lovely and Love How It Hurts. With albums like The Light Between Us, they've maintained their popularity. This Britpop sensation has earned nominations and awards for their outstanding music. Bring the excitement of Scouting for Girls to your festival stage!

Heather Small

Agent Rating: 4.5 STARS

Heather Small, formerly of M People and a solo sensation, is your perfect entertainment choice. Her soulful tones span R&B, dance, soul, and house. Heather's iconic Proud became an international anthem, and her solo career blossomed with albums like Proud and Wanderlust. Beyond music, her charity work showcases her influence. Make your event unforgettable with Heather Small, a dedicated artist with a powerful voice.


Agent Rating: 5 STARS

Toploader, the British indie band, is ready to rock your festival. With hits like Dancing in the Moonlight, their music has left a lasting impact. Their albums Onka's Big Moka and Only Human achieved success, and their sound remains unique and relevant. Performing at major festivals and supporting charitable causes, Toploader brings a mix of alternative and indie rock to your event. Don't miss out on their dynamic performance!

Blazin' Squad

Agent Rating: 4.1 STARS

Blazin' Squad, the hip-hop sensation, is back to light up your stage! With six top-ten hits and a 60-week presence in the UK charts, their music resonated with audiences. From Crossroads to Flip Reverse, their energetic performances captured hearts. After a hiatus, they reunited for a successful comeback tour. Get the party started with Blazin' Squad at your festival and witness their camaraderie and rebellious charm in action!

Sweet Female Attitude

Agent Rating: 4 STARS

Sweet Female Attitude, known for their hit single Flowers, is ready to add a touch of nostalgia to your festival. Their music made waves, reaching number two in the UK Singles Chart. With a unique journey, they evolved from Trinity Way to Sweet Female Attitude. After a hiatus, they returned with the album In Person. Let the sweet sounds of their music take your audience on a trip down memory lane at your festival!

What factors should I consider when booking a musician for my festival?

When booking a musician for your festival, consider factors like the artist's availability on your festival dates, their genre and style aligning with your event's theme, and your budget. Additionally, think about logistical aspects such as the artist's technical requirements, stage setup, and any special requests they may have. Communication and planning are key to a successful booking.

How far in advance should I book festival musicians to secure their availability?

Booking festival musicians should ideally be done well in advance. Many popular artists and bands have busy schedules, and their availability can fill up quickly. It's recommended to start the booking process several months before your event. This provides ample time for negotiations, logistics planning, and securing the desired act. However, if you need a last minute act, Champions Music & Entertainment are on-hand to help!

How do I book a musician for my festival?

Ready to bring the excitement of these incredible musicians to your festival? Don't wait any longer! Contact Champions Music & Entertainment today and let our dedicated booking agents handle all the logistics for you. We're here to make sure your festival is a resounding success, and booking the perfect artist has never been easier. Simply contact our team by calling 0203 7934 042 or sending us a message via our online contact form.

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