10 Best Britain's Got Talent Contestants To Hire For Your Party or Event

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Faith Tucker

Having already won the nation’s hearts, these Britain’s Got Talent contestants want to entertain your event guests. With their unique talent, they have enough charisma and charm to resonate with audiences of all sizes. Our acts are highly recognisable; having starred on the popular show, guests won’t believe their eyes when their favourite act steps onto the stage.

At events, parties and galas, the goal is to entertain, and who better than the most talented acts that Britain has to offer? Whether your guests are clients, shareholders or employees, a BGT act is guaranteed to leave audiences starstruck. 


Most Popular BGT Acts to Hire for Events

Our team surveyed clients from thousands of global events to discover the most popular BGT acts available for hire. These outstanding acts are perfect for events, as they resonate with audiences from all industries. Read our list of the top BGT acts for hire below, then contact a booking agent to secure your talent show contestant!

4MG - 9.9/10

Fresh faces of the magic industry, 4MG took to the Britain’s Got Talent stage in 2019. Each member has their specialisms - mind reading, card tricks, sleight of hand - to create a completely spellbinding experience. 4MG has already performed at several prestigious events, including the Create Your Future exhibition and ExCeL London, meaning an occasion featuring these talented magicians is in safe hands.

Ben Hart - 9.8/10

Award-winning magician Ben Hart wowed the BGT audience in 2019 when David Williams described him as “the living embodiment of magic”. He made it to the semi-finals and returned for BGT: The Champions, a testament to Ben’s popularity. Ben will blow your audiences away from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to your stage.

Flawless - 9.7/10

“Utterly electrifying”, Flawless wowed the judges in the 2009 series of BGT. They soared to the finals thanks to their charming characterisation and incomparable talent. As one of the most defining acts in BGT history, they have won several street dance competitions. Dance acts like Flawless are at the top of their game.

Boogie Storm - 9.6/10

Some dance acts stand out due to their talent, others due to their costumes, but Boogie Storm infuses the two. Dressed as Stormtroopers from Star Wars, this unique dance group’s opening audition has been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube, making them one of the most popular BGT contestants.

Escala - 9.5/10

Escala is an electric string quartet with a difference. From their calm, cool and collected performance styles to their musical talent, they reached the final of BGT in 2008. Escala has since performed at several prestigious stages, including the 2008 FA Community Shield Final at Wembley Stadium, reflecting their ongoing relevance.

Siobhan Phillips - 9.4/10

Described as “totally amazing” by previous clients, Siobhan Phillips is as hilarious as she is talented. The singer performed her Victoria Wood-esque songs in 2019, which was met with a standing ovation from the judges. Incredibly entertaining, audiences of all ages revel in her relatable, hilarious and wickedly satirical songs.

Darren Altman - 9.3/10

Very few artists can rival Darren Altman’s slick, uncanny impressions. He wowed the BGT judges in 2016 when he effortlessly mimicked celebrities like Jeremy Clarkson and Gordon Ramsay. The voice-over artist makes the ideal event performer, as he can entertain audiences of all demographics.

Dean John-Wilson - 9.2/10

A semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent in 2008, Dean John-Wilson is a West End sensation and outstanding vocalist. Having studied at London’s Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, he has performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the country in such shows as Sister Act and Miss Atomic Bomb. Dean’s powerful singing draws emotion from his audience to leave a resounding impact.  

Faith Tucker - 9.1/10

Faith Tucker reignited the country’s love of classical music when she appeared on BGT 2019. With her incredible vocal strength and onstage class, this multi-faceted performer is the ideal act for a wide range of occasions. Faith’s extensive list of former clients, including Just Dance, is a testament to her industry-wide respect and ability to resonate with audiences.

Jamie Raven - 9/10

One of the most successful talents from BGT 2015, Jamie Raven’s opening audition, has been shared over 100 million times on social media. The talented magician has wowed audiences with his mind-blowing tricks for over a decade, yet shows no signs of slowing down. Jamie is a true joy to witness perform live; your audience will never forget Jamie.

What are the benefits of booking a former BGT contestant? 

Entertainment is one of the most essential elements of any event, so booking a top-class performer for your function is important. In a survey, 97% of British people knew of Britain's Got Talent, reflecting the nationwide recognition of the talent show. Discover the benefits of booking a BGT contestant below. 

1. Talent

If there is one thing that unites every talent show winner, it is just that, their talent! These performers have been put through their paces week after week, singing, dancing, or entertaining their hearts out to remain the nation’s favourite. Such a journey has shaped them as professionals, honing their skills in trial by fire. These acts are guaranteed to entertain audiences with their unrivalled talent when booked for events.

2. Variety

Though singers are common on many reality television programmes, the format lends itself to various performers. From acrobats to comedians, dancing dogs to magicians, the wealth of winning genres means that there is an act for every event. If you require something different, these performers have not just filled a gap in the market but built their very own niche to thrive in. A talent show winner will surprise and delight audiences with their unique act.

3. Relatable

You will be hard-pressed to find a talent show winner who did not start just like you and me. With their relatable lives, these performers can connect with audiences personally, ensuring they leave a positive impression. When you book a talent show star, your audience will be enamoured with their likeable, authentic personalities.

4. Passion

Before fame on BGT, these performers probably heard more “no’s” than “yesses”. True to the nature of the industry, prospective stars must have enough passion for their craft to take criticism in their stride, a reflection of their dedication and spirit. When you book a talent show winner, you book a passionate performer who lives, eats, and breathes their respective act.

5. Rising Stars

When you book a talent show winner, you book an influential celebrity firmly set on a path to success. These rising stars are commonly more relevant than their chart-topping counterparts, as viewers will have followed their journey closely from the first audition to the final episode. Showing no signs of slowing down, hiring a thriving talent show star will make your event the talk of the town.

How do I book a BGT contestant for my event?

At The Music and Entertainment Speakers Agency, booking a BGT contestant for your event is quick and simple. Our team of experienced booking agents is on hand to generate contracts and schedule your desired act, leaving you to enjoy your event! 

To book a golden buzzer-worthy BGT contestant or any of the other talented acts on our website, call a member of our management team on 0203 793 40 42 or contact a booking agent via [email protected].

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