Top Singers & Bands for University Parties Ranked by Popularity

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Scouting for Girls

Get ready to ramp up your university events with our handpicked selection of singers and bands! From the heart-stirring vocals of Alexandra Burke to the infectious pop-rock vibes of Scouting for Girls, we've got the ultimate lineup that promises to electrify any campus occasion. Turn up the volume and dive into our top pick of acts that will keep students on the dance floor all night long.


Top 10 Singers & Bands to Hire for University Events

"I love booking acts for university events because I think about all the students who will remember these nights out for the rest of their lives. Whether it's a DJ, singer or unique entertainer, I know I'm offering something they will talk about the next morning with their friends." 

- Champions Booking Agent

1. Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke skyrocketed to fame with her memorable performances on X Factor, particularly her rendition of Hallelujah. A record-breaker in sales, her album Overcome, and singles like Bad Boys have left a significant mark on the music scene. Her evolution from a talent show winner to a stage sensation in musicals like The Bodyguard and Sister Act showcases her versatility. Ideal for university events, Alexandra's performances are a blend of energy, passion, and vocal power.

Did you know? Alexandra Burke comes from a musical lineage, as her mother was the lead singer of Soul II Soul, a group famous for the song Back to Life. 

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2. Scouting For Girls

Injecting energy and catchy tunes into any event, Scouting For Girls is synonymous with pop-rock excellence. Their journey from London's music scene to international acclaim, including hits like She's So Lovely, has been remarkable. This Ivor Novello-winning band brings more than just music to university events; they bring a legacy of two million record sales and an unforgettable live experience.

3. Caity Baser

Caity Baser's rise to fame is a modern music tale, starting with X & Y and exploding on TikTok. Her involvement with Loud LDN and collaborations with music giants like Sigala exemplify her diverse appeal. Her performances are not just about the music; they're about creating a vibrant atmosphere perfect for the energy of university events.

4. Tom Grennan

From his debut on Chase and Status's track to his solo success, Tom Grennan's musical journey is both inspiring and impactful. His album Evering Road and its hits like Little Bit Of Love demonstrate his ability to connect with audiences deeply. For university events, Tom offers more than songs; he brings an emotional depth that resonates with every listener.

To enquire about hiring Tom Grennan for your event, contact a booking agent

5. Cat Burns

Cat Burns' ascent from TikTok sensation to music industry fame is a testament to her talent and relatability. Her followers have grown in millions, drawn to her unique blend of gospel, pop, and indie influences. For university events, Cat is not just a performer; she's a storyteller whose music and presence captivate and inspire.

6. Blossoms

Formed in 2013, Blossoms have swiftly become a renowned name in English pop music. Their growth from Manchester gigs to chart-topping albums like Ribbon Around the Bomb is a story of relentless talent. Their presence at university events is more than just a performance; it's a musical journey through compelling vocals and charismatic stage presence.

7. Tinchy Stryder

Grime music's luminary, Tinchy Stryder, has an illustrious history that's intertwined with the genre's evolution. From early collaborations with Wiley and Dizzee Rascal to chart-toppers like Number 1, his impact is undeniable. His performances at university events are not merely gigs; they are a showcase of grime music's power and his mastery of it.

8. Self Esteem

Rebecca Lucy Taylor, known as Self Esteem, embodies a journey of musical evolution and self-discovery. Her transition from Slow Club to a solo artist has been marked by a Brit Award nomination and an Attitude Awards Music Award. Her university event performances are far from ordinary; they are a fusion of unique sound and empowering vocals.

9. Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre's collaboration with Rudimental and her solo successes exemplify her dynamic range. Her influences, spanning from Lauryn Hill to Hans Zimmer, contribute to a rich musical tapestry. Ella's performances at university events go beyond singing; they are an energetic showcase of vocal prowess and musical diversity.

10. Toploader

Toploader, known for their timeless hit Dancing in the Moonlight, brings a unique indie rock flavour to any event. Their journey from small gigs to sharing stages with music legends underscores their enduring appeal. Booking Toploader for a university event means more than just live music; it means an evening of nostalgic melodies and contemporary energy.

What should I consider when budgeting for a university event performance?

When budgeting for a performance, consider the artist's fee, which can vary widely based on their popularity and demand. Additionally, factor in costs for sound and lighting equipment, stage setup, and any travel and accommodation expenses for the artist and their crew. It's advisable to consult with a booking agent to get a detailed breakdown of all potential costs to ensure your budget covers all aspects of the event.

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