The Official Top 90s Singers & Bands to Hire for 2024

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The 90s was a decade of music defined by the sounds of alternative rock, eurodance, hip hop and R&B – a decade of music loved by all with many bands and artists still a staple today at a wide range of events and functions. Some of the decade’s most famous singers and bands include the likes of Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Madonna, Celine Dion, George Michael and TLC.

With hit songs such as Waterfalls, Man! I Feel Like a Woman, Vogue, Gangsta’s Paradise, Wonderwall and Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), choosing the 90s theme for your next event or function is the perfect way to ensure all your guests, no matter their age, are singing and dancing to songs which will forever be cemented in music history.

Who are the Best Bands and Artists from the 90s to Hire Today?

At Champions Music & Entertainment we have years of experience hand-selecting the best performers for a wide range of events all over the globe. Our experts have chosen the official 10 best 90s artists and bands to hire for events in 2024 below.

  1. 5ive
  2. All Saints
  3. D:Ream
  4. S Club 7
  5. Heather Small
  6. Boyzlife
  7. Atomic Kitten
  8. Robin S
  9. Vengaboys
  10. B*Witched

Hire Top 1990s Singers & Bands Today!

5ive – 9.9/10

When you think of boy bands from the 90s there is no doubt 5ive will be at the forefront of your mind. The band have sold an incredible 20 million records over the years and shot to fame in the late 90s after winning the Brit Awards British Breakthrough Act in 1999. The awards kept on coming for the group and just one year later they won the golden gong for Best Pop Act. Formed after Bob and Chris Herbert felt there was a niche in the market for a boy band with ‘attitude and edge’, 5ive brought just that to their performances, building up quite the fan base. Since 2013, the band have been touring the UK performing their hit songs such as ‘Everybody Get Up’, ‘When the Lights Go Out’, ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Until the time is Through’.

Well known for their varied vocal abilities, able to rap and hit the high notes, the band continued to be booked for a wide range of events. Having featured most recently featured on the ITV2 documentary ‘The Big Reunion’ do not miss your chance to be transported back to the 1990s with the amazing 5ive.

All Saints – 9.7/10

The All Saints became one of the most successful girl groups in the 1990s with two multi-platinum albums and more than 12 million record sales worldwide. Their debut album titled ‘All Saint’ produced three number 1 singles and went platinum 5x. One of their most famous songs, ‘Never Ever’ ended up selling over 1.2 million copies in the UK. More than just a one-hit-wonder, the band’s second album also gave the group two number one singles. The award-winning ‘Pure Shores’ became the soundtrack for the film ‘Black Coffee’ which starred Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2016 the band released their first album in over 10 years which peaked at number three in the UK charts.

With their latest tour taking place in 2018, there is no doubt the amazing All Saints have lost none of their passion for performing; their launch show, held at KOKO, London, sold out in just 60 seconds. Do not miss your chance to be transported back to the 90s with the All Saints who have remained popular throughout the decades.

D:Ream - 9.7/10

D:Ream, after being formed in 1992, rose to fame just two years later with their UK number 1 hit single ‘Things Can Only Get Better’, reaching the number one spot after the band toured with Take That. After exploding onto the charts, the band was nominated for a Brit Award for Best Single and an MTV Europe Music Award. Throughout the 1990s, the band had 40 more hits including ‘Shoot Me with Your Love’ and ‘Blame It on Me’. Two of the bands’ albums would reach the top 5 in the UK, cementing them as one of the UK’s favourite bands of the 1990s.

Upon their reunion in 2008, the band supported Wheatus at the LeeStock Music Festival and has since released a new studio album in 2021 titled ‘Open Hearts Open Minds’. When looking to transport your guests back to the 1990s look no further than D:Ream to hire at your next event, able to perform all of your favourite hits which audiences will love.

S Club 7 - 9.6/10

S Club 7 is one of the most iconic bands of the 1990s. Regularly featured in the charts throughout the 1990s, the group quickly became one of the biggest pop groups in the UK. Incredible statistics backing the groups reputation include having four singles at number 1, 11 top ten singles and spending 166 weeks in the top 75. Some of the group's biggest hits include ‘S Club’, ‘Reach’, ‘Bring It All Back’ and ‘Two In a Million’. Over 25 years later, the group's biggest hits are still being played today at discos and events, a testament to the impact they have had on the music industry. In 2014 the group had a special reunion and performed on Children in Need, adding to the list of prestigious events they have performed at.

Now, the famous band is known as S Club All Stars, but are still performing all of their most iconic hits with more energy than ever before, returning to the stage for their 25th year anniversary. Famous throughout multiple generations, the S Club All Stars are the perfect group from 1990 to hire at your next event.

Heather Small – 9.5/10

Heather Small’s talent for singing was clear from a young age, having first joined Hot House as a teenager, before joining M People. With M People she wowed audiences all over the world with her classic and soulful voice. As part of the band, she sold over 10 million albums, which made her a household name and earned her a loyal fanbase. As a testament to her powerful voice, in 1997 Heather recorded ‘Perfect Day’ for Children in Need which subsequently became number one in the UK and sold millions of copies. With a respectable career as a solo artist, Heather’s song ‘Proud’ from her first solo album would become Oprah Winfrey’s theme song.

A versatile performer, Heather can perform R&B, dance, soul and house. Heather’s ‘Proud’ became the official anthem at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, and was the unofficial anthem for Team GB at the 2004 Athens Olympics. If you are in need of a heart-warming performer, whose songs have become well-known worldwide, transport your audience back to the 1990s with an incredible performance from Heather Small.

Boyzlife – 9.5/10

To the joy of many fans all over the world, Boyzlife is a duo made up of former members of Boyzone and Westlife, Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy. With their respective groups, Brian and Keith both rose to fame in the 1990s and have performed at some of the biggest venues all over the world. Keith, whilst with Boyzone had six number 1 singles in the UK and nine number-one singles in Ireland with some of their hit singles including ‘No Matter What’, ‘All That I Need’, ‘Words’ and ‘I Love the Way You Love Me’. During his time in Westlife, Brian enjoyed 14 UK number 1s, spending 20 weeks at number 1 with songs such as ‘Flying Without Wings’, ‘You Raise Me Up’, ‘If I Let You Go’ and ‘Uptown Girl’. Long-term friends, the duo formed Boyzlife in 2016 and have been touring the whole of the UK ever since.

Performing the biggest hits of both supergroups, Boyzlife has already performed for more than 20,000 fans and quickly became one of the most famous musical duos in 2017. If you are looking to be transported back to the 1990s, look no further than Boyzlife to hire for your next event. They are guaranteed to put on a performance you will never forget.

Atomic Kitten – 9.5/10

Atomic Kitten, formed in 1998 by Andy McCluskey, who is known for being the frontman of the group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, has risen to fame over the past two decades and has become one of the most iconic bands of the late 90s/early 00s with hits such as ‘Whole Again’, ‘Eternal Flame’ and ‘The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)’. Their song ‘Whole Again’ became the fourth best-selling single by a girl group in the UK and it stayed at number 1 in the UK charts for four weeks. When Kerry Katona, one of the original band members left, the band re-released their debut album with some tracks re-recorded with new band member, Jenny Frost. This re-released album sold over 600,000 copies, officially dubbing the album double platinum.

Atomic Kitten is now made up of band members Liz McMlarnon, Jenny Frost and Natasha Hamilton who made an appearance on the ITV2 series ‘The Big Reunion’ in 2013. Most recently, Atomic Kitten performed at a concert which celebrated music for the Eurovision Song Contest, still bringing high-energy performances whenever they are on stage. Do not hesitate when hiring Atomic Kitten for your next 1990s-themed event today.

Robin S – 9.3/10

Robin S is the definition of a performer whose songs have stood the test of time. Her debut single ‘Show Me Love’ was originally released in the 90s and has since been re-released on numerous occasions, a testament to her incredible singing ability. With over 500 million streams on social media and a total of three number-one songs in the Billboard Hot Dance Club Party Robin S has successfully toured all over the world, wowing her fans with her amazing vocal range, singing a combination of dance, R&B and gospel ballads.

Having performed at the American Music Awards, Robin is no stranger to performing in front of the largest of crowds. With a career that has lasted for over 30 years, let the incredible Robin S take you back in time to music from the 90s, performing all of her most famous singles.

Vengaboys – 9.2/10

The Vengaboys are one of the most successful Dutch pop groups in history selling over 25 million records worldwide and winning the Best-Selling Dance Group of the Year at the World Music Awards in 2001. Throughout the group's successful career, they have earned two number 1’s and seven singles in the Top 10 and are most well-known for their singles ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’, ‘We Like to Party’ and ‘We’re Going to Ibiza’. Their singles topped the charts in an incredible 25 countries including the UK, Poland, Spain, Australia, Thailand, South Africa and Mexico to name a few. Their debut album Greatest Hits reached gold status and saw the group nominated for MTV Best Breakthrough of the Year.

All of the Vengaboys singles reached the Top 40 in the charts, a testament to their popularity throughout the 90s and 00s. In 2007 the group embarked on their Non-stop World Tour proving to be a great success. Bring the 1990s back to life at your next event or party with the Vengaboys, performing hit songs which have continued to remain popular throughout the decades.

B*Witched – 9.2/10

B*Witched is an Irish girl group consisting of four members: twins Edele Lynch and Keavy Lynch, Lindsay Armaou and Sinead O’Carroll, who shot to fame in the late 1990s and enjoyed much success in the UK, Europe and North America. The band have sold over 3 million albums worldwide with their first four singles ‘Blame It on the Weatherman’, ‘C’est la Vie’, ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘To You I Belong’ all making it to number 1 on the UK Singles Chart. In 2013 the group featured on ITV2’s The Big Reunion where they were welcomed back onto the music scene with open arms. Since their appearance, the band have once again been making waves in the music industry with the release of several new singles. In March of 2023, the group released the single ‘Birthday’ to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

With songs which have stood the test of time in the highly competitive industry, B*Witched have helped to define the music of the 90s with many of their songs still being played at parties and events all over the world. When looking to have a taste of the 1990s, look no further than B*Witched to hire at your next event and keep your guests entertained all evening with this energetic group.

How Can I Hire a 1990s Singer or Band?

If you are interested in hiring one of our amazing bands or singers perfect for 90s theme events, do not hesitate in contacting Champions Music & Entertainment today! Get in touch with one of our experienced and dedicated booking agents by calling 0203 7934042 or by completing our online contact form. If you are after a wider selection of 1990s acts, browse our roster of 1990s headliners or our 1990s tribute acts.

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