Ultimate List: The 15 Best Entertainers to Hire for Student Events & Parties

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Dive into our lineup of top university party entertainers who are set to entertain your students! From the soul-stirring melodies of Tom Grennan to the visually stunning acts of Pyrobeats, our selection showcases a dazzling array of talent. Don’t just host an event; create an experience that resonates with every attendee. Read on to discover which act will turn your university event into the talk of the campus!


Ultimate List of University Party Entertainers

"Which performer is best for my university event? It's a question I get asked a lot by clients who want to ensure their institution offers top-class nights out for students! Here are some of my favourite entertainers for student events, the acts that I recommend almost on a weekly basis to universities across the country." 

- Champions Booking Agent

1. Tom Grennan

Rock the university scene with Tom Grennan, the Brit-certified gold artist whose anthems like Little Bit of Love dominated the Top Three in 2021. His latest album, What Ifs & Maybes, follows his stellar debut, Lighting Matches. Tom's unique voice, first heard on Chase and Status’ All Goes Wrong, continues to captivate. His new hit, How Does It Feel, is making waves. Ideal for energising university events, Tom’s blend of heartfelt lyrics and robust melodies promises an unforgettable experience.

To enquire about Tom Grennan for your university event, contact a booking agent.


Bring the house down with RAYE, a British musical gem. Since her debut EP in 2014, she's soared to stardom with hits like Flowers and Alien. Her collaboration with Stormzy on Ambition highlights her range. Her EP Side Tape showcases her stunning vocals in tracks like Crew and Decline. Her features in Jonas Blue’s By Your Side and Jax Jones’ You Don't Know Me have solidified her place in the UK music elite. RAYE’s live performances are a testament to her ability to captivate diverse audiences, making her a top pick for university events.

Did you know? According to Capital Xtra, Raye comes from a musical family, as her parents sang in their church choir, and her grandfather was a songwriter and musician.

3. Spark!

Illuminate your university event with Spark! LED Drummers. This dynamic group combines mesmerising illuminations with powerful drumming, ensuring a captivating performance. Their wireless, light-up costumes allow for a high-energy, interactive show. Perfect for a range of events, from parades to festivals, Spark! promises an electrifying experience. They can even tailor their act to match your event theme, adding a personalised touch to their breathtaking performance.

4. The Pigeon Detectives

Liven up your event with The Pigeon Detectives, a band synonymous with high-energy live shows. Known for their intense writing process and energetic performances, they bring the raw excitement of their early albums to life. Their latest single, Lovers Come Lovers Go, epitomises their dynamic sound, perfect for university festivals. Their ability to connect with new generations while maintaining their musical integrity makes them a stellar choice for any event looking to capture the essence of live rock.

5. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a jewel in the crown of UK pop, is a sensational choice for university events. Her journey from Theaudience's lead singer to a solo star has been stellar. Her debut album, Read My Lips, sold over 2 million copies, with hits like Murder on the Dancefloor. Renowned for her captivating live performances, Sophie brings elegance and energy in equal measure. Her versatility, shown in her orchestral project The Song Diaries, guarantees an unforgettable performance.

6. Light It Up

Transform your event with Light It Up, an electrifying band featuring LED-lit instruments. Ideal for modern weddings and corporate events, they bring a unique, high-tempo vibe. With options for instrumental or vocal-led performances, they offer a customisable experience. Their international appeal, showcased in performances from Croatia to Ibiza, ensures a lively, unforgettable atmosphere. Light It Up turns any event into a vibrant celebration, making them a must-have for standout university events.

7. Robin S

Energise your event with the iconic Robin S, whose classic Show Me Love remains a house music anthem. With over 30 years of performance experience, she brings the same passion and energy that propelled her to stardom. Her versatility, spanning house, gospel, and R&B, ensures a dynamic show. Robin’s ability to adapt to diverse audiences makes her an ideal choice for university events, promising a performance that resonates across generations.

8. The Kooks

Invite The Kooks for an unforgettable university event experience. This British pop-rock band, known for their infectious tunes like Naïve and Ooh La, brings a unique blend of pop, reggae, rock, and ska. Their debut album achieved multi-platinum status, and their continuous musical evolution has kept them at the forefront of the Britpop scene. With numerous awards and global recognition, The Kooks are perfect for captivating a diverse university audience.

9. Freya Ridings

Captivate your audience with Freya Ridings, renowned for her hit Lost Without You. Her journey from overcoming dyslexia to performing at prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall is inspirational. Her powerful vocals and emotive performances make her an ideal choice for creating a memorable, emotionally charged atmosphere at university events.

10. The Taraju Show

Mesmerise your audience with Beth’s Taraju Show, a stunning spectacle of contortion, aerial acrobatics, and fire performance. Beth, a former British champion in acrobatic gymnastics, brings an extraordinary skill set, leaving spectators in awe. Her viral giraffe body paint act showcases her versatility. Ideal for university events looking for a show-stopping performance.

11. Tom Walker

Elevate your university event with Tom Walker, the Scottish singer-songwriter whose Leave A Light On reached the UK Top 10. His folk-pop, pop-rock, and rock genres, combined with collaborations with artists like Rudimental, ensure a diverse and engaging performance. With multiple awards and a platinum album, Tom is an exciting headline act for festivals and events.

12. The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers, the indie pop-rock band known for hits like Worried About Ray, bring a nostalgic yet fresh energy. Their journey from debut chart-toppers to independent artists showcases their versatility and appeal. Ideal for university events, their music resonates with a wide audience, promising a lively and engaging performance.

13. Rio Carnival Show

Bring the vibrancy of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival to your event with the Rio Carnival Show. Their combination of Brazilian Samba dancers and drummers creates an authentic, high-energy carnival atmosphere. Perfect for events seeking to offer an immersive, lively experience, this show guarantees to get everyone on their feet and dancing along.

14. Scouting for Girls

Engage your audience with Scouting for Girls, a pop-rock sensation known for hits like She’s So Lovely. With over 500 million streams and numerous awards, their music has a wide appeal. Ideal for university events, they promise to deliver an energetic, memorable performance that resonates with diverse audiences.

15. Pyrobeats

Transform your event with Pyrobeats, a unique act combining a DJ, saxophonist, and fire performer. This trio, featuring Steve Turner, Oli Barnham, and Amie Behave, delivers high-energy entertainment that's both visually stunning and musically compelling. Perfect for a range of events, Pyrobeats guarantees a bespoke, unforgettable experience.

How much does it cost to book university entertainment?

The cost of booking a performer varies depending on the artist's popularity, the event date, and the location. Some artists may have set fees, while others negotiate based on the specifics of the event. Additional costs to consider include travel and accommodation for the artist, technical requirements like sound and lighting, and any special requests stipulated by the performer. Contact the booking agent for a detailed quote and to discuss your budget constraints.

How do I book an artist for a university event?

To book an artist for your university event, start by selecting your preferred performer from our featured lineup. Once you’ve made your choice, contact a booking agent directly either through our online contact form or by calling 0203 7934042.

They will guide you through the booking process, including availability, pricing, and any specific requirements of the artist. We look forward to hearing from you!

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For several years, Joe travelled the world as a Production Manager on cruise ships. The experience sharpened his organisational skills and spurred Joe’s passion for entertainment. Today, such skills benefit his clients, as Joe expertly coordinates talent of all genres and forms for their events. He is our resident technical expert and is quick to offer his guidance to event planners wanting to make their occasion stand out. 

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