Vasek Klouda

The Legend of Football and Footbag Freestyle

Packed with flicks, kicks and tricks, footbag is a thrilling spectator sport that leaves audiences in awe at the control and footwork players are capable of.

Leading the way is footbag’s ‘Golden Boy’, Czech Republic star, Vasek Klouda. World-renowned, Vasek has set the record for the number of world titles, including being the world’s youngest ever footbag champion.

With seven world footbag championship titles and 12 European titles under his belt, Vasek wows audiences with his awe-inspiring set of feats and tricks which sees him performing acrobatic jumps and hops – all while keeping the footbag under control.

Adding beatboxing to his performance, Vasek makes a contemporary addition to any event, including festivals, conferences, parties and exhibitions.

Having worked with a number of the world’s leading brands, Vasek is a professional performer well able to ensure your next event has the wow-factor.

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