How To Host Entertainment At A Hybrid Event

Megan Lupton
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How To Host Entertainment At A Hybrid Event

Following the popularity of virtual events in 2020, 2021 is set to be the year when organisers experiment with the format of their function, party or corporate gala. Hybrid events combine the best of both worlds, virtual and in-person events, to engage a broad range of audiences. Interactive, accessible and inclusive, they encourage audiences to get involved and truly immerse themselves.

What truly ties these events together is the wide range of entertainment options available. Whether you require someone to star in your video stream, a pre-recorded performance or virtual entertainment, the vast selection available means that there is an act for every event.

Check out our ultimate guide to hosting entertainment at hybrid events below, then contact Champions Music & Entertainment to learn more.

How to Incorporate Entertainment at Hybrid Events

Incorporating entertainment at your hybrid event can be broken down into three categories: in-person performances, virtual performances, and pre-recorded performances.

In-Person Performers 

If your venue allows, one of the best ways to feature entertainment at your event is the old-fashioned way. As they physically attend the event, they have access to professional equipment like amps and microphones which they may not have at home. This ensures that guests receive the best performance possible.

Virtual Performers

Continuing the success of virtual performances in 2020, many entertainers have adapted their act to suit an online format. This option ensures that your event meets the current safety regulations, while still making for an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Pre-Recorded Performers

Arguably the most cost-effective method for incorporating entertainment at your hybrid event, pre-recorded performances are budget-friendly and widely popular. They are the ideal option for busy schedules, as you do not have to find a date that suits the performer, your venue and your guests. It is a win-win for all parties.

How to book entertainment for hybrid events?

The easiest way to book an entertainer for your hybrid event is with a professional agency like Champions Music & Entertainment. With decades of experience, we have witnessed first-hand the evolution of the entertainment industry, including the recent interest in virtual and hybrid events.

Our team of booking agents will ensure that you are equipped to host the best event possible and have access to leading entertainment suited to your chosen format. Check out our top pick of acts below or browse our category pages, then contact our team to secure leading talent for your event.

Best Entertainment for Hybrid Events:

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

No stranger to virtual performing, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is the ideal entertainer for hybrid events. She can easily attend the occasion via live stream, straight from her iconic, glammed-up kitchen, where she entertained fans throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The scene of her popular Kitchen Discos, Sophie is greatly experienced in entertaining virtual audiences with her setlist of upbeat tracks.

Magical Bones

One of the best magic acts to have come from Britain’s Got Talent, Magical Bones has since become highly sought after for his virtual performances. The BAFTA Awards performer has featured on a vast range of television shows, including Around the World in 80 Tricks and the final of BGT in 2020. With his flair for the theatrics and infectious passion for magic, your guests will be in awe of Magical Bones.

Jon Courtenay

Winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2020, Jon Courtenay is no stranger to virtual audiences. He connected with viewers across the nation on the talent show, tugging at their heartstrings with his touching songs. Armed with just a piano, Jon can perform tracks tailored to your audience and industry, ensuring that all in attendance are thoroughly entertained.

Bruno Brookes

Bruno Brookes is an icon of British radio. He was a staple of the Radio 1 Charts Show in the 1980s and 90s, an experience that makes Bruno one of the most popular DJs for virtual, in-person and hybrid events. Fans will instantly recognise Bruno from the golden era of radio, ensuring that both virtual and physical audiences never forget their evening with this legendary broadcaster.

The Amazing Singing Waiters

A truly unique act, The Amazing Singing Waiters turn an ordinary event into an unforgettable experience for audiences. In-person guests will be drawn into the façade, while virtual audiences will receive a front-row seat as the “waiters” burst into song. The act has performed for the likes of BBC, Audi and Tesco, a testament to their international reputation and highly regarded talent. Feature The Amazing Singing Waitresses at your hybrid event to truly entertain guests.

What is a hybrid event?

Definition: The combined product of virtual and in-person functions, hybrid events cater to venue-based audiences and online viewers alike. They encourage audience interaction and usually feature speakers and entertainers either by video link or physically at the event.

Defined by their innovative use of technology, hybrid occasions allow virtual and in-person guests to immerse themselves in the event’s proceedings via Q&A sessions and live polls. Entertainers can either perform via video link, in-person from the venue or through a pre-recorded clip, depending on logistical factors and your event’s requirements.

The Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Event:

  • Accessible for ALL Audiences, Both In-Person & Virtual
  • Cost-Effective Due to Fewer Physical Guests
  • Allows for Live Recording to Use as Future Marketing Material
  • Lower Carbon Footprint Because of Virtual Element
  • Encourages Teambuilding & Interpersonal Relationships
  • Greater Access to Global Entertainers Who Can Attend Via Livestream
  • Increased Engagement with Interactive Activities
  • Collect Data & Metrics from Virtual Attendees
  • Flexible with Date, Travel Logistics & Venue Capacity

Book Virtual & In-Person Entertainment

Whatever your hybrid event requires, either a virtual performer or in-person act who will captivate online guests, we have the ideal entertainer for you. Check out our wide range of virtual entertainers and corporate event performers, then contact a booking agent either via phone, on 0203 7934 042, or our online contact form to receive your free quote.

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