Live Party Entertainment Ideas to Make Any Occasion Memorable

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Live Party Entertainment Ideas to Make Any Occasion Memorable

Planning a party means a multitude of decisions. To make those decisions easier, we look at party entertainment ideas to satisfy each type of occasion. From birthday parties to corporate engagements, we weigh in on the best tips for a memorable event. Without further ado, it's party time...

Birthday Party Entertainment

A birthday party should be a relaxed occasion. You may want your birthday party to serve as an amalgamation of your thrills and spills so far. Thus a music act able to play the sounds that you know and have grown to love may feature in the vision for your party. Should that be the case, consider a party band, cover band or tribute act to offer up covers of the nostalgic songs from your years so far.

Others like to go for something truly memorable to mark their birthday and with this in mind, a Bavarian Oompah band or a magician could bring the magic you've been looking for.

In terms of themes, a party should reflect your personality and sit well with you. You may wish to move away from your comfort zone or fall into it; whatever feels right for your party. Adding a touch of glamour in the form of a ball or a champagne party is popular. Alternatively, you may wish to cut-loose and return to prom night or theme your night based on your favourite location or film. A Spanish Fiesta or Great Gatsby style gettogether could get your event bouncing.

If you are having a surprise party, your secret is safe with us. We take pride in helping you to arrange classified soirees.

Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas

A corporate event can take on many forms but a party is always a party. And that means you need to entertain your audience. This could be colleagues, guests or delegates, and each will dictate the style of your party. Know your audience and allow your event to take shape around them. Let's take a look at the types of party you may wish to put on for your corporate event.

Corporate Dinner Party Entertainment

A corporate dinner party can be a wonderful way to entertain a corporate audience and it can be done in a variety of ways. The expectation remains that a party in this style should be erudite and formal. This needn't necessarily be the case and invariably, delegates may want to witness something outside of the ordinary. Wow them if you can, whether this is with an outstanding jazz and swing or classical act or something completely different. Drummers or acrobats can also fuse your event with a dazzling quality.

Corporate Celebrations

This could be in celebration of reaching a long-term target or reaching a major milestone in your business's history. Letting your employees know you appreciate the impact they have had on your success can breed a positive and ultimately beneficial environment. Booking a famous DJ or a star from X-Factor or Britain's Got Talent can give your event an edge and keep it current.  Consider tidbits like a photo booth or an event hashtag to really interact with your audience. A corporate party band can also bring a real fun factor to audiences.

Product Launches

Amazing product launches rely just as much on execution as they do on ideas. Both parts play a fundamental role in ensuring your product is launched in the right way and turns heads as desired. Choosing a venue that fits your product is important, as is a theme that ramps up the excitement. However, it is the entertainment that will make a difference. Whether you want to knock everybody for six with a leading DJ or comedian like East-End comic Micky Flanagan or think outside the box with stilt walkers or fire jugglers, there is something for every product launch - just make sure you hit the nail on the head for yours.

Corporate Christmas Parties

Seasons play a major role in the occasions we put on, and the Christmas party is perhaps the biggest on the corporate calendar. This should be a fun occasion for all to let their hair down following a busy year. See the season in with a Michael Bublé tribute act or book the original Christmas music legends Slade to make your Christmas party one to remember.

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

A celebration of the union that is marriage makes for a beautiful occasion and a marriage that has stood the test of time should equally be a moment to be celebrated in life. Whether a first anniversary or a tenth; a silver, pearl, ruby, gold or diamond - we help you celebrate your union in style. We are proud to help find the perfect act for your anniversary celebration and with a roster of popular music acts, you can enjoy the day in the way you dreamed.

Take yourself back to the dawn of your marriage, when you were getting to know each other more and more each day. Celebrate the moments you became closer and the times that changed your life forever. Do this through photographs, themes, song, video and stories and you will find that this is not only a great reflection for you and your journey but also for the guests who have seen your union blossom over the years. Return to the most intimate moment of your wedding reception and replicate your first dance song with help from a cover band or book first dance specialists, Toploader to sing 'Dancing in the Moonlight' and other great hits.

Top Tips on How to Plan Your Event

Step 1 - Plan Your Budget

When planning your party budget you should ensure you have considered all items. This will keep you clear of hidden costs. Take care of the following and your event should be a great success.

  • Venue
  • Lighting & Equipment
  • Decorations
  • Food & Drink
  • Staffing
  • Live Band or Entertainment
  • Event Host
  • Travel and Accommodation Arrangements
  • Ticketing & Invitations

You will want to break this list down further to accommodate various categories in each area but having a basis from which to work allows you to delegate the workload. In addition to this, you will want to add marketing and sponsorship if you are planning a corporate event of any kind.

Step 2 - Choose a Suitable Venue

The right venue should follow your vision for the party. If you would like an outdoor area, don't compromise, if you would like a dance floor - make sure the size and location fit the tone of your event. Here are some key things to factor in when deciding on your venue:

  • Is the capacity of the venue large enough to accommodate your planned attendance?
  • Does the venue have acceptable facilities: take note of fire exits, procedures, disabled facilities, first aid and the quality of electrical equipment available.
  • Location: look for parking facilities, proximity to train stations & airports, as well as the likelihood that the venue will fit the tone. Whether rural or urban, make your location work for you.
  • Check what is included: most venues provide or can provide equipment such as PAs and staging. They can also provide food, drink and staffing.
  • Check if there are any limits imposed at the venue and if it is available for the dates and times you wish for. Also, check that you can bring what you need. Whether this is promo material, a bouncy castle or helium balloons - ensure you know what you can and can't do

Step 3 - Choose Your Theme, Decor & Entertainment Hire

Settle on a theme as early as possible. This can stop things from getting This can make your decisions easier and ensure clarity on your event. Your theme will be the driving factor behind your entertainment, food and drink choices.

In addition to your theme, you should decide on the decorations for your event, as well as talking points dotted around your venue. This could be a photo booth, ice sculpture, balloons and more. Look into plants and flowers to furnish your events, as well as the set up on tables or giveaways on chairs.

Getting the right entertainment for your night is essential to the way your event pans out. You should know your audience and find an act that takes account of the expectations of your audience.

At Champions Music & Entertainment, you can book comedians, musicians, bands, acrobats and more. With acts suitable for every brief and budget, you can browse thousands of acts from Maya Jama to Union J to make your event a great success. Choose an act able to cover your favourite hits to ensure a special occasion.

Step 4 - Food and Drink

Whether your event is suited to a three-course dinner or a buffet - your food and drink is another important component. Sometimes a well-stocked bar is enough to keep your guests happy but always consider the timing of your event when deciding what to display in terms of food and drink. Lunchtime and early evening will see guests expect to be fed, while an event that kicks off past 8 PM doesn't usually necessitate a food option, though snacks should be considered.

Step 5 - The Finishing Touches

To ensure your event day proceeds without a hiccup you should iron out everything before-hand to leave the day free to relax and enjoy. This includes considering the nitty-gritty that the event requires. Consider making place cards, mapping the building out, sorting car parking and cloakrooms, decorating tables, organising staff and organising entertainment games for parties. Also being aware of emergency routines and being prepared for various other scenarios should be thought of. These factors can make the difference between a good party and a great party.

Book Your Act!

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